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To size of 25cm that it is easy to use from salad to pasta, meat dishes, fish dishes in every scene,
It was simple and finished it so that a source or meat juices were hard to overflow the plate by acquiring some depth.

※It becomes the enamel tableware which was made all from the die of the PLATCHAMP original in Japan

※※I run and change it for the "MADE IN JAPAN" thing which I printed more to for logo retainer sequentially now※※
Because change time is mixed up by a color for a running change, approve the point.

SIZE : Diameter 25cm / 2cm in height
Surface processing : Main body enamel
Kind of materials : Steel sheet (a board thickness:) for enamels 0.8mm)
Weight : Approximately 410 g
Production country : JAPAN

[good point of the PLATCHAMP enamel plate]
I raise the PLATCHAMP enamel tableware from an original die with a product made in pure Japan,
Was branded at a high temperature, and special vitreous glaze was processed; when is warm, hark back to nostalgia
I am in a few hue in "smooth dim color" in the other companies.

In addition, I am finishing the normal enamel tableware in 2 courts, and PLATCHAMP coats 3
Finish it; a grand coat a craftsman in each piece carefulness in "ディッピング" (ditch pickles)
That 1 coated it and bakes two times of cover coats at a high temperature every painting process,
It becomes the smooth surface finish while being mat.

The all steps that I bake to paint with that PLATCHAMP makes form
It becomes the enamel tableware with the unique texture that a Japanese craftsman works hard and made up.

*Thickness of the cloth
As for the overseas enamel tableware, PLATCHAMP made a place of thickness approximately 0.4mm with "a 0.8mm enamel steel sheet" and thickness of approximately 2 times.
The feelings to the thickness are not usable with the microwave oven, but can warm it with toaster ovens again,
This is because temperature when I warmed the dish which cooled down in a camping scene in particular by a barbecue cooker and "open fire" again again continues it.
In addition, there is the effect that tableware is hard to fly by wind.

*Feelings made in pure Japan
Enamel tableware of PLATCHAMP is the dish which a good "technique" of "Japan" was included in.
I make it carefully, and there is even ceramic ware such as the ceramics with the individual difference one by one to be baked
I suggest the thing which a thing, a thing, the intellect that I want to use that I want to really make wants to have.

PLAT "flat, plate"
Coined word of the meaning the CHAMP "field"

I share space like oneself with important people.
The style that colored at the table of the house casually to the sea and the mountain
A wild camping dish to a terrace and the garden of the house
I want to enjoy home party and the field called the camp for borderlessness
It becomes the special space just to put a thing getting attachment for casual daily life in the side.
The petty person who does not put on airs cool and the brand which suggest a tool stylishly.

[about enamel]
The enamel processing to realize the surface which it is hygienic, and is near to glass,
Is hard to be rusted; corrosion-resistant (is strong in corrosion) anti-abrasivity (is hard to wear down),
It may be said that it is surface processing superior in non-attachment-related (a smell is hard to be turned on).
Because a dirt comes off just to wash it with water and a synthetic detergent, care is simple.

For a high technique to print at high temperatures more than 800 degrees Celsius, it is extremely high in enamel and the coherence degree of iron (material),
I have the durability to be available for dozens of years if you can treat it carefully.

I am particular about form and the good-quality feel of a material that it is easy to use,
I finished it in the design which you could use widely from the home to the outdoor.

Uneven coloring, air bubbles, end face part of the enamel

For manual labor, there is all the case that individual difference of uneven coloring, a coating irregularity, a sunspot, air bubbles, the finish produces.
In addition, a point (burning needle trace) and the end face part which hang a product at the time of production,
There is the point that glaze becomes thin, and becomes blackish.
The visitor who these do not have the problem in the quality, but is interested,
I recommend that I have you confirm a product at store.

I have it be understood that it is a manufacturing method, the material which is hard to become uniform, and, please enjoy the taste with the handicraft.

I have you understand the following contents enough to have you use it for a long time, and, please enjoy an enamel life.
■Because it is a metal product, please never use it with "the microwave oven".
■I fry it, and, please refrain from a thing, the use as the kitchen utensil including the roasting thing.
■Because the main body becomes hot and causes the burn when I hang it for a case and the open fire that a hot dish is contained in because thermal conductivity is high, please warn enough him.
■I sprinkle cold water in the main body with the heat, and, please do not give a sudden temperature change. I might perform damage (a microcrack is close crack) of the enamel layer.
■Please do not give a strong shock. It causes the crazing of the enamel moiety (the whole surface) and a miss, the damage.
■Because you injure the surface, please do not use a gold scrubbing brush, the polishing powder (detergent including abrasives). When you wash it, I attach a synthetic detergent for kitchens to the tender sponge and wash it, and it is good, and, please dry it.
■Please refrain from a dishwasher, the use with the tableware dryer. It may cause a wound and the rust.
■When a dirt is hard to come off, please wash it after ranking hot water for a while. Still, please repeat work by the same author business when you do not fall.
■After use, please keep it after wiping off moisture with dry cloth enough after washing it well, and drying it.