BBQC001 "Takeda BBQ x Chi-bee x CLEF" NICE BARBE B.CAP

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" Takeda BBQ x Chi-bee x CLEF " Triple Collaboration

"Takeda Barbecue", the only barbecue entertainer in Japan, and
GO OUTOf10thMemorialTIllustrator who works on shirt design and title design of outdoor events [Chi-bee(Chevy).

Based on 60/40 B.CAP, B.CAP for barbecue lovers has been completed!

"It's a great place to stay." And 60/40 B. cap of repeaters one after another, the image of a barbecueChi-beeI dropped in the taste of.

【 Function description 】
COOLER:Svelli (anti-sweat) of water-absorbing quick-drying material
WIRED BRIM : Built-in wire in the camellia
NEW ADJIUSTABLE SYSTEM : With sliver back with sizing function

【 SIZE 】
Free: About 58cm to 60cm
(Please note)Please understand beforehand that the feeling suffered by the factor of the fabric material (hard soft, thin thick, etc.) is slightly different even in the same size notation.

【 Materials 】

【Takeda Barbecue】

Yoshimoto Creative Agency.

While showing off a gorgeous barbecue recipe,

We also propose barbecue recipes that make it easy for anyone to dress up and get excited,

We are engaged in activities to expand communication through BBQ.

Currently, magazines, books, stages, television, internet content, events, etc.

Active in many fields.

He is the only BBQ entertainer in Japan who loves barbecues.


【 Chi-bee 】

From drawings drawn by illustrator Take

It is a brand that creates items with "Edge" with "FUN".

In order to express their favorite LifeStyle and Culture in the illustrations,

Chi-bee through its own filters

We continue to create drawing items like no other.