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"Takeda Barbecue x Clean Outdoor Collaboration

The second collaboration with Japan's only barbecue entertainer "Bameda Barbecue"‼

Choose a hat from the "DEEP WAX" series, which is used by Takeda Barbecue♬

Deep Wax series.

Including the jacket brand that stood up in England in the 1980s
"Oil Doton", which is loved all over the world, is developed in the CLEF hat series.

Because it uses a special fabric with oil (wax) soaked in cotton.
The more you use it, the deeper the tasty and a deep color.

When the oil comes off, apply the oil to the dough again.
It takes time, but the accumulation is
It is time spent with this hat, and it becomes "depth of this hat".

Slowly look at the bonfire and tilt the kochel with the hats you raised.
It is a series that you want to enjoy the joy of raising.

The DEEP WAX series that also captivates the bamboo barbecue.
Please check it out by all means♬

Not only camping barbecue, but also bamboo barbecue who enjoys many outdoor sports, has sympathized.

Some of the sales here will be used to support organizations that are engaged in environmentally friendly activities as follows.

◆ Clean Outdoors

"If there are more field players, the field will be cleaner."

This is an activity that suggests a simple garbage picking up "one hand clean" that you can easily do when you go out to the outdoorfield such as the sea, mountains, and rivers.

By taking a little gratitude for the natural environment where we are playing, the mind and field are clean.

The CLEAN OUTDOORS project aims to be an icon of a field player who can sympathize with such feelings and behavior.

CLEAN OUTDOORS initiatives
◇ Proposal for picking up trash that can be picked up with one hand "One Hand Clean"
◇ Regular hashtag campaign on Instagram
Instagram account:@cleanoutdoors
Hashtag: #cleanoutdoors #Clean Outdoors
◇ Some of the sales support the "Mitake Cup Executive Committee (Ome River Clean Marathon)" and "National River Network"
* The reason for support is
Approximately 80 % of the garbage flowing in the sea flows through our lives and flows into the sea.
It is difficult to collect garbage that has come out in the sea, but stopping before flowing into the river, collecting garbage in the river reduces the amount of garbage flowing into the sea.
We support and support the activities.

■ Mitake Cup Executive Committee (Ome River Clean Marathon)
* A total of about the river garbage picked up7Ton!
Rafting×River Clean is a new proposal for picking up garbage full of participants.

River garbage network activity
* Trash problems seen from the river are performed in various places and shared cleaning activities in various places.

【 Feature Description 】
Coolever: Superfish -absorbing -drying material (sweat stop)
WIRED BRIM: Built -in wire on the brim part
New Adjustable System: With a size adjustment function on the back of Suberi

Free : Approximately 58cm ~ 60cm 
(please note)Please note that the feeling of the same size notation is slightly different due to the factors of the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【 material 】
Body: 100% cotton

[Precautions for use]
■ Because the oil (wax) comes off during washing, wash the laundry from other clothing.
■ When washing, wash it gently with your hands.
■ After wet or wash, please dry it sufficiently. (Insufficient drying will lead to mold generation)
■ When the oil is removed, apply your favorite oil (wax).
■ If stored with other clothing, oil may adhere to it.
■ Fold marks at the time of storage and uneven processing may be seen on the surface,
Also, it may stand out depending on the color of the hat,
It is not a bad product because it is a characteristic of the texture of the fabric.
It is also expressed in normal use, so please enjoy the changing texture.

[Bamboo barbecue]

Belongs to Yoshimoto Creative Agency.

While performing a exciting barbecue recipe

We also propose a barbecue recipe that anyone can easily fashion and be excited

We are working to expand communication through BBQ.

Currently, magazines, books, stage, TV, net content, events, etc.

Active in many fields.

He is the only BBQ entertainer in Japan, who loves barbecue.