HC002" Huerco x Clef " Collabo B.CAP

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" Huerco x CLEF" Collaboration B.CAP

From everyday life to travel, it combines fishing with all fields and lifestyles,
Collaboration with brand Huerco, which develops pack rods with excellent carrying.

The base is 60/40 B.CAP with excellent comfort and functionality.
It is a convenient item at the time of fishing because it expands the view by folding the collar, and it becomes strong in the wind.
It is B.CAP which retains the water repellency peculiar to 60/40 fabric, and cannot part with it.

【 Function description 】
COOLER:Svelli (anti-sweat) of water-absorbing quick-drying material
WIRED BRIM : Built-in wire in the camellia
NEW ADJIUSTABLE SYSTEM : With sliver back with sizing function

【 SIZE 】
Free: Approx. 57.5cm to 59.5cm
(Please note)Please understand beforehand that the feeling suffered by the factor of the fabric material (hard soft, thin thick, etc.) is slightly different even in the same size notation.

【 Materials 】

【 Huerco 】
Fishing should be more enjoyable by anyone.
Sometimes it's rolling everyday, and it's even where you're traveling.
More easily, fishing experience that can be played in a wider range of fields = "GOOD FISHING" mainly,
Fusion with all kinds of travel, outdoor, apparel, lifestyle, without specializing only in fishing,
Good FISHING COMPANY provides new experiences for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.