HC003 "Huerco x Clef" Mesh B.CAP

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"Huerco x Clef" Collaboration B.CAP

From everyday to travel, fusion of every field, lifestyle and fishing,
Collaboration with the brand Huerco (Felco), which develops a pack rod with excellent loading.

A comfortable mesh cap for summer fishing and more active scenes.
Even if it gets wet, it dries quickly, so it is for river play and marine activity.

Arrangement is possible by folding the brim. It will expand your horizons or be skipped by the wind.

The 60/40 cloth used for the front panel and the brim will give you a unique texture as you use it.

【 Feature Description 】
Coolever:Water -absorbing speed -drying material (sweat stop)
WIRED BRIM: Built -in wire on the brim
New Adjustable System: With size adjustment function on the back of Suberi

Free: Approximately 58.5cm ~ 59.5cm
(please note)Please note that the feeling of the same size notation is slightly different due to the factors of the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【 material 】
Front panel tsuba: 60% cotton / 40% nylon
Mesh: 80% polyester / 20% nylon

Anyone can enjoy fishing more easily.
It may be rolling in everyday life, even at the end of the trip.
Fishing experience that can be played in a more wider field = "Good Fishing" is the main
Combined with all travel, outdoor, apparel, and lifestyle, without specializing in fishing
GOOD FISHING COMPANY provides new experiences to anglers and outdoors around the world.