HC005 "Huerco x Clef" Rev. Fish Hat

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"Huerco x Clef" collaboration reversible hat

From everyday to travel, fusion of every field, lifestyle and fishing,
A brand that develops a pack rod with excellent loadingHuercoCollaboration with.

His REV released in the past. The base color of FISH HAT has changed and reappears!

A reversible hat that can be turned over from sunny to light rain.

The pattern fabric is an original design like a Huerco that imagines fish, nature, outdoors, etc.

A water -repellent fabric with Teflon processed is used for the plain fabric. Water drops and dirt are difficult to adhere.
If it is about light rain, it can be worn as a rain hat. (Not waterproof)

The brim has a built -in wire, bends the side like a tengalon, wears it.
The arrangement of the wearing is freely, such as lifting the front, expanding the field of view, and parrying the headwind.

It can also be folded in a waist pouch, tackle bag, or car door pocket.

【 Feature Description 】
Reversible: Reversible specifications
WIRED BRIM: Built -in wire on the brim
UV Cut: Cut 99%or more ultraviolet rays
SUPPLEX®: Water and antifouling effect by Teflon processing
(Teflon processing is only plain surface)

Free: Approximately 58cm ~ 59cm
(please note)Please note that the feeling of the same size notation is slightly different due to the factors of the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【 material 】
Table (plain): 100% nylon
Back (pattern): 100% cotton



Anyone can enjoy fishing more easily.
It may be rolling in everyday life, even at the end of the trip.
Fishing experience that can be played in a more wider field = "Good Fishing" is the main
Combined with all travel, outdoor, apparel, and lifestyle, without specializing in fishing
GOOD FISHING COMPANY provides new experiences to anglers and outdoors around the world.