MSC002-B6 "Milestone x Clef" Paisley Hat (a light sensor with a distance sensor)

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Milestone x Clef collaborative models

Do not use a belt to use a Milestone light, which is essential in the outdoors, and that uses a light bulb color on the main LED.
It is a collaborative project that co-developed a collaboration item that can be directly sliced into the HAT in Clef.

In various scenes such as outdoors, outdoor festis, and camping, you can only see the usual hats during the daytime, and you can easily light your Milestone's light when you live on a day, and you can use the stylish belts, especially for women, to use for stylish as you don't wear a cumbersome belt on your head.

It is equipped with styling as a reassuring function that does not collapse the shape of a hat is equipped with a new system, and the tubba part is wire-speculed.
It uses a water-absorbing COOLEVER functional material in its sweat parts.

The light is automatically detected by the sensor when it detects the distance, it automatically changes to the white LED when you look at it, and the light is fitted to the light blue when you look far away.

[Milestone MS-B6]

Color: GY Glass yellow
LED: Main: natural warm-color
Sub: Cool White
The brightness is about 220 lumen.
Battery used: Three-four-type alkaline batteries and three batteries for batteries.
Battery life: Approximated to 45 hours (10 %)
Water-proof function: IPX 5 (waterproof flow form)
Injection distance: approximately 70 m
Body Size: Approximate 60 × 45 × 35mm deep
Body mass: Approximated 41g (body only)/approx. 97g (electrifling)
Three-four-type alkali batteries and three batteries
Feature: Distance Sensor Function
Innotch-illuminance control
Deming Memory feature
Wide irradiation (about 120 °)
Shock-resistant laber body

[Clef Paisley Hat]

BODY: 100 %

SIZE: Approximated 56.5cm to 59.5cm
(Note) The feeling of coarse material (hard soft, thin thick, and so on) is slightly different even in the same size, so please make sure you have the same size as the fabric.

[Feature description]
COOLEVER (dry water inhalation materials), sberg (sweat with sweat)
WIRED BRIM (with a wire in the tuba)
NEW ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (a function that can be resized without breaking the shape of a hat with a button and rubber on the back side of the sberg)