MSC004 "Milestone x Clef" 60/40 Hat

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Milestone x Clef collaboration model

This item is for hats only.

(Milestone compatible models)

It is a model that jointly developed a collaborative item that allows you to slide the Milestone light that uses the light bulb color for the main LED and the main LED, which is indispensable outdoors, directly into Clef's HAT without using a belt.

The long-awaited collaboration hat of 60/40 fabric specifications has a new size adjustment function that does not change the shape of the hat, and it is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and extremely easy to use without using the back fabric.

Since the wire has a built-in wire, you do not have to worry about blocking the light when the light is attached.

The material is based on 60% cotton 40% nylon, with soft and moderately thick air mesh on the sides for long season use.

In various scenes such as outdoors, outdoor festivals and camping, it looks like a normal hat in the daytime, and you can easily turn on the Milestone light when the sun goes down. You can use it stylishly.

A new system is equipped with a safe size adjustment function that keeps the shape of the hat, and the brim part is also a wire specification, so styling is also free.
The sliding (anti-sweat) part uses COOLEVER functional material that absorbs water quickly.

Please note: This model is sold separately as a hat only, and Milestone lights are not included.


SIZE About 56.5cm-59.5cm
(Caution) Please note that even if the size is the same, the sensation you received due to the fabric material (hard, soft, thin, etc.) may differ slightly.

【Feature Description】
COOLEVER (water-absorbing quick-drying material) slip (anti-perspirant)
WIRED BRIM (wire built into the brim)
NEW ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (A function that allows you to adjust the size of the hat without breaking the shape of the hat with buttons and rubber on the back side)