MSC005 "Milestone x Clef" 60/40 Adventure Hat

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Collaboration model of Milestone x Clef

This product in the hat one piece of article guide you.

(Milestone support model)

It is in the model that developed the collaboration item which can let HAT of Clef enter the slide directly jointly without using the belt for a required headlight, main LED with a light of Milestone using the electric bulb color in outdoor.

The new size adjustment function that the form of the hat does not collapse has the collaboration hat of long-awaited 60/40 cloth specifications and I put on lightness with specifications not to use the back cloth and am a feeling, a good point of the greatest convenience.

Because I have a wire built-in in ブリム, we do not have to worry to shut out the light at the time of the light wearing.

I adopt air mesh of moderate thickness softly, and it has a long it, and, as for the material, a base can use a season for the side with 40% of 60% of cotton nylon.

I can easily touch a light of Milestone only on the at all normal hat in the daytime in outdoor, an outdoor festival, various scenes including the camping when invisible, a day goes down and can use it stylishly without attaching the belt which is particularly troublesome towards a woman to a head.

The styling is liberty in a size adjustment function of the relief that the form of the hat does not collapse being equipped with by a new system, and the saliva moiety being wire specifications.
I use absorbing water fast-dry COOLEVER function material for a sliding (stopping up the flow of sweat) part.

This attention) model becomes the simple substance sale only for hats and is not attached to the right field of Milestone.


SIZE 約56.5cm~59.5cm 
(attention) Approve the sense that covered with the factor of the cloth material (obstinate soft thin thick) by the same size notation beforehand to some extent because you are different

[function explanation]
Sliding (stopping up the flow of sweat) of COOLEVER (absorbing water fast-dry material)
WIRED BRIM (with a built-in wire on a part of the saliva)
NEW ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (the function that can coordinate size without breaking the form of the hat with a button and rubber to a backside part of the sliding)