MSC012 "milestone × CLEF" Bucket Hat + MS-G2 (400 lumen)

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"miletone x CLEF" collaboration

You can use it as a hat during the day and click in the headlamps at night!
A collaboration item that makes good use of each other's brands and incorporates playfulness,
It is a must-have item for camping and festival scenes.

lefThe bucket hat of uses a visor of exquisite length that does not block the light of the light,
The more you use it the better60/40Adopted cloth cloth.

milestoneThe light is a light bulb color that features a soft lightledAnd about the weight28 gAnd while being super lightweightUSBMaximum light intensity when chargingMS-G2 / 400"Lumen" and a very bright and high spec light.

MS-G2 is a multi-function model that allows you to choose between light bulb color and white.
Wide irradiation illuminates your feet widely.
Mixing, light bulb color, white, red, and red flashing are used properly, and stepless brightness adjustment is possible.
Memorize the last used light color and brightness.
It's USB rechargeable so you don't have to worry about forgetting to buy a battery.

[Wearing method]
Remove the headlamp belt, insert the body into the hat,
The rubber is crafted on the back of the hat, so you can just put it there.

【 Feature Description 】
COOLEVER:Water-absorbing quick-drying material (antiperspirant)
WIRED BRIM: Wire built into the brim
NEW ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM: With a size adjustment function on the back of the slip

FREE: About 58 cm to 60 cm
(please note)Please note that the same size may differ slightly due to the material used (fabric, softness, thinness, etc.).



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