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[NANGA]×[CLEF] Limited collaboration item 

A limited collaboration cap with [NANGA], which is popular in the domestic and overseas outdoor scenes with a high-quality down-sluff, and a relaxing cap and [CLEF], which is a popular hat maker for festival hats and outdoor scenes.♪

Based on B.CAP, which has a reputation for easy wearing, the fabric, depth and comfort are arranged.
The BOA CAP is made from a warm textured melton fabric that you can't let go of in the cold season.

The fabric on the back of the brim uses NANGA's TAKIBI flame-retardant material,
650FP NANGA white down, which is also used for sleeping bags, is used for the ear pad insulation.

This year, the NANGA logo is brought to the front panel to make it look better than an adult.

The brim has a wire and the angle can be freely adjusted.
In addition, since the sweat stop part has size adjustment, it can be worn widely by men and women.You can.

■ SIZE: About 57.5-59cm
(Caution) Please note that even if the size is the same, the sensation you received due to the fabric material (hard, soft, thin, etc.) may differ slightly.

■ WIRED BRIM (wire built into the collar)

Outer fabric: 55% polyester 45% wool
Boa fabric: 50% polyester 50% acrylic
Lining fabric: 100% polyester

Nanga sells sleeping bags and down jackets with a focus on quality down and domestic manufacturing. From the European countries, we chose the better downs, and only the domestically refined downs are used, and the sewing is finished by skilled craftsmen.