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[NANGA* × [CLEF] Limited CollaborItems 

NANGA, which is popular in the country's high-quality downscillers, and caps that can be relaxed with popular acons and adventure hats with a festive face outdoacine with a popular hat maker: [CLEF]♪

The bass are the wiry-brim caps that are difficult to fatigue throughout the day, because they are made up of polums and lightweight and polite.
With Clef's caps, WIRED B. CAP, which has been enjoying a popular rise recently, has been suffering from a stress-free feel.

In the dough, Nanga fixed material is used for the nanga item, and the NANGA logo is embroidered on the front desk, and the iva is free in a soft wire.

Also, because it is resizing sweat stops, it can be worn widely from men to women.

It is mandatory to be your hair rotation item in the All Season.

SIZE: Approximated 57.5cm to 59.5cm
(Note) The feeling of coarse material (hard soft, thin thick, and so on) is slightly different even in the same size, so please make sure you have the same size as the fabric.

*Note: Please note that the flame material is not inflammation, so it burns too close to the fire, so please be careful.

[Feature description]
Use the absorbable speed drying materials COOLEVER to stop sweat.
with size-tailoring
WIRED BRIM (with a wire in the tuba)
UV CUT (at least 99 % UV cut)

Nanga is selling sleeping bags and downs in the country with a good quality of down and the domestic production of the country.Down has been made by the hands of skilled artisans, who choose a better down than European countries, and use only the domestic refining industry.