NAC004 "NANGA x Clef" REV. HAT

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[NANGA] X [CLEF] limitation collaboration item 

[NANGA] where is popular in a good-quality down Schlafsack in the domestic and foreign outdoor scenes and the cap which can be relaxed and an adventure hat are hats of the limited collaboration with the hat maker [CLEF] of popularity in the surf outdoor scene♪

I use high-performance cloth supplex® which I made Teflon processing on to surface cloth in the reversible hat which Clef is good at.

There is the water repellency, too and plays an active part enough if it is slight rain of a festival and the camping.
To back cloth, I dropped it into HAT of Clef using an individual African leaf pattern.
As for the saliva, arrangement is free with a soft wire.
★With supplex® (サプレックス)★
In late years function material supplex® attracting attention with a good point, comfort of the convenience again.
The high technology material that realized strength and the durability of nylon in the touch such as the cotton.
Be superior to light weight and quick-drying, and, not lane material ような Bali Bali and a feeling of cloth which did it, there is a soft texture such as the cotton at all, and the feel is not sticky.
It is material with "the comfort" of the top-class in hi-tech material.

Because I give Teflon processing, very high "water repellency" is effective.
*It is not waterproofing.
Furthermore, there is the "impurity "drumstick oil" "antibacterial" "insecticide" effect-proof", too.
It is superior to normal lane material in breathability and is available in the dampness of the rainy season comfortably.
Because the appearance is an atmosphere such as the cotton material, it is available without hesitation even at the time of fine weather!
SIZE: Approximately 58cm - 59cm
(attention) Approve the sense that covered with the factor of the cloth material (obstinate soft thin thick) by the same size notation beforehand to some extent because you are different

[function explanation]
REVERSIBLE (reversible function)
WIRED BRIM (with a built-in wire on a part of the saliva)
UV CUT (I cut UV more than 99%)
supplex® (I use water-repellent cloth)
Material: 100% of list cloth nylon
100% of back cloth polyester

ナンガ is particular about high quality down and production in the country and sells a sleeping bag, a down jacket. The down chooses down superior to each European country and finishes the sewing by the hand of the craftsman who was an expert of only with a thing purified domestically.