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Bespoke high-quality down-sluff [NANGA] popular in the domestic and overseas outdoor scenes, and caps that can be relaxed and the hat hat [CLEF] that is popular for festival hats and outdoor scenes.♪

The base is the Aurora down jacket of NANGA, which was remodeled this year.
With the basic functions as it is, a color scheme that incorporates the essence of CLEF, which has a well-established combination of fabrics with a reversible hat and cap.
The waterproof zip has been changed to a matte specification, the zip color of the lining parts and the inner pocket has been changed and the color has been updated, and the NANGA logo is printed on the top of the hood when wearing the jacket so that it is casually printed. Bespoke collaboration version with a large woven name placed in the center as

Not to mention camping and outdoor fields, the calm adult color scheme is also useful in the town youth and business scenes.
It will be an "indoor and outdoor ON/OFF switch item" just like the CLEF concept.

★Product features★
-Outer material: Adopts the characteristic porous polyurethane waterproof coating material "*1 aurolatex".
・ Lining: 40dn nylon taffeta, which is also used for NANGA sleeping bags.
・Batting: European duck down 90-10% (760FP)
・Feather amount: 150g
・A hand warmer is attached to the main pocket to keep your hands warm during winter camping and waiting for the train.
-Zipper pockets on the chest and back make it easy to put small items such as smartphones and wallets even if you don't have a sacoche on the move.

*1 What is Aurolatex
A characteristic porous polyurethane waterproof coating material.
We have achieved a high level of waterproof and breathable performance of layer water with a water pressure resistance of 20000 mm and moisture permeability of 6000 g/m2/24hrs.
Note 1: Due to the characteristics of this product, there may be a drop or feather missing from the seam.
Note 2: Although it is a lifetime warranty, only the jacket will be repaired for a fee.
*It is also possible to manage by washing.

Nanga sells sleeping bags and down jackets with a focus on quality down and domestic manufacturing.
From the European countries, we chose the better downs, and only the domestically refined downs are used, and the sewing is finished by skilled craftsmen.