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NANGA, which is popular on the national and international outdoorsy scene with its high-quality downsculpting, and a relaxing cap and adventure hat are among the highlights of the limited・edition collaboration with the festival outdoor scene's popular hat maker CLEF.♪

The base uses the mountainbilei coat which is reputed to be the strongest model in NANGA history in the US.
At the present stage, the bespoke collaboration of the mountainbilei coat is CLEF only!
* 2019/6 (JST)
The warmest down coats in Nanga products.
It is a very warm Polish white goose down 200g, which is a high specification, and it uses a stretch nylon, which is lightly stretched according to body movement on the table fabric, so that it feels as if it sucks down through the sleeve, and it wraps the body gently.

Also, by adopting a raglan sleeve on the sleeve, we realized windproof, waterproof, and outstanding ease of movement!
It is a quality finish that can be said the strongest down coat without faultless.

The colour also made a positive impression by adding an aggressive red to the black inner.
Beige creates a sense of unity by adding a calming olive to the inner.
The colors of the cuffs and the Velcro of the front are detailed, and the color scheme is particular, and the part of the hood is printed with the Nanga logo
It is a non-casual production as an icon as a bespoke collaboration model.

★Product features★
- Outer material:stretch ripstop nylon
- Lining: 10 × 7dn ripstop nylon
Batting: Polish white goose down (down 93% - feather 7%)
- Amount of feathers: 200g
- Spray skirt is used to prevent midwinter wind from entering
- You can also adjust the body temperature because there is ventilation in the side.
- Large storage capacity can be accommodated in 7 pockets according to size.

※This product is due to the characteristics of the product, there is a case that there is a loss of down and feather than the part of the seam.
※It is a lifetime warranty, but only in the case of jacket it is a paid repair.
※It is also possible to manage by washing.
※In addition, with respect to the dimensions, it is not the product dimensions, but the pattern dimensions, so please make it for reference.
[NANGA】Nanga is dedicated to manufacturing quality down and domestic down, we sell the sleeping bag, down jacket.Down is selected from European countries, the better down, we use only domestic refined things, Sewing is finished by skilled craftsmen.