NAC011 "NANGA X Clef" Down Cardigan

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[NANGA] popular in outdoor scenes in Japan and overseas with high -quality downshilltsCollaboration with!

This season's collaboration item is a down cardigan with outstanding versatility!
In spring and autumn, it is an outerwear, and in winter it is three seasons as an inner.
With thin but durable nylon fabric,760FP NANGA carefully washedLight and light comfort.

The down cardigan, which is easy to layer, has both warmth and freedom of fashion.
A matte camouflage color that doesn't claim too much
It is easy to wear from outdoor to town use.

The cuffs are squeezed to prevent cold air from entering.
It is hard to wear, and it is also recommended as a plus in a cold room.
Just wear it as an inner of your favorite jacket and coat to enhance the heat retention.
It is unique to down products that can be folded and compact.

There are the following features as a collaboration limited specification.

◆ Collaboration limited, camouflage color is used.
It is a mat and thin camouflage color that is easy to wear in various fashions and layering from outdoors to town.

◆ Do not slip off the hanger "
Hangle loop ".
It is convenient because it can be dried on a hanger without using wash scissors, or a small hook etc.

◆ A zip tab that is easy to open and close the zipper in the pocket.
It is easy to open and close even when wearing gloves or leather gloves.

◆ * More than NANGA originalSize downWe are developing and developing *
The downwear is so warm that it sticks to the skin, so I want you to wear it in a perfect size.
(Example: CLEFSHOP size "M" is NANGA original size "S" It will be. )
Please check the size chart for details.

Clefshop size chart
(cm) S M L
Length 64 66 68
Chest 99 102 105
Hem width 99 102 105
Sleeve Length 59 60 63
Shit 99 102 105
shoulder width 38 41 42

Table fabric: Nylon High Maltita Futa
Lining: 20 denier nylon lip
Down: Spanish White Duck
Down 90-10%760fp / 50g
Size: S / M / L
Color: Black / Olive