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 NANGA × CLEF collaboration jacket
"Reversible Takibi Daily Down Jacket"

Manufactures and develops one of the best down products in Japan, including shuffles, and collaborates with NANGA, which is popular in outdoor scenes in Japan and overseas.

The versatile down cardigan that mainly considers daily use is arranged with reversible specifications like CLEF!

In recent years, have you been traveling by car, and the thick jackets are surprisingly bulky, have difficulty carrying them when you take them off, and have no experience?

To put it simply, it's just about the inner and the outer jacket.

A convenient item with just the right thickness that can be used indoors and outdoors.

By using NANGA's flame -retardant material "TAKIBI" fabric, it will definitely be active in the scene surrounding the bonfire in the camp.

NANGA logo prints and CEF woven names are arranged on the chest pocket to create a collaboration feeling.

Following the silhouette of the cardigan, you can also enjoy layering with shirts with collars and hooded hoodies.

The outer dough is NANGA originalUses flame -fast material "TAKIBI" fabric. You can wear it without hesitation in the scene surrounding the bonfire at the camp.

The back fabric is a 20 -denier nylon with good skin slipping, which is indispensable for lightweight down jackets.

The color and the fabric feel are switched on the front and back, so you can easily change the atmosphere according to the coordinates, mood, and scene of the day.


No matter whether you wear it on both sides, a pocket with a zipper on both sides is mounted on both sides.

Of course, it can be used as an inner pocket, so the storage capacity of 2nd place in one place.

The zipper has a zipper tab, allowing you to open and close smoothly even if you wear gloves.


The cuffs are squeezed to prevent the invasion of cold air, and the sleeves that have been rolled out during hand cleaning and disinfection are difficult to fall off.


Equipped with a hanger and a little hook that can be quickly hung on a small hook.


Clefshop size chart

(cm) S M L
Length 74 76 78
Chest surroundings 102 111 115
Hem width 102 111 115
Sleeve Length 65.5
Shit 102 111 115
shoulder width 42 44

Omotivual fabric: TAKIBI 93% / Aramide 7%

Lining: 20 denier nylon
Down: STD Spanish White Duck
Down 80-20% 650fp / 60g
Size: S / M / L
Color: Black / Coyote


What is TAKIBI Fabric?
NANGA original flame retardant material. For polyester with a cotton -like texture
Covers the weaknesses of chemical fibers, which are easy to burn by mixing aramide fibers.
* It is not a non -combustible material.
Heat may burn or dissolve and make holes.
Please be careful about direct or sparks.

Nanga sells sleeping bags and down jackets, focusing on high -quality down and domestic manufacturing.
The down is better down from various European countries, and only the domestic refined ones are used, and the sewing is finished by skilled craftsmen.