NAC022 "NANGA X Clef" dtt Adventure Hat

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With high -quality downshufflings and down jacket and apparel
Collaboration with NANGA, which is popular in outdoor scenes in Japan and overseas!

Use the outstanding water performance "Dantotsu water repellent®" material on the entire surface.
MADE IN JAPAN functional adventure hat that is particular about comfortable wearing!

Dantotsu water repellent® is a material used for umbrellas and rainwear.
"The contact angle of the fabric and water drops becomes dull angle."
⇒ "Water drops are close to" ball ""
Water droplets are easier to roll and show outstanding drainage.

It is a functional material that lasts a water performance even after washing 100 times.

Uses moisture -absorbing and speed -drying material for the lining, and a quick -drying material for sweating.
We were particular about comfort.

Put the NANGA logo on the front with embroidery,
A red piss name of CLEF, which is one point, is placed on the side.
It is easy to use and simple in various scenes as well as outdoors.

The lining is "Field Sensor®", which has excellent water absorption and quick -drying.
Uses materials that have antibacterial and deodorant effects for sweat removal.

The weight is about 60g, which is amazingly light as an adventure hat.
Even if you wear it all day, you will not be stressed.

The chin string can be removed according to the scene and application.

Size adjustment is possible.

Excellent as a rain hat in the rainy season,
It is a hat that uses plenty of Japanese functional materials.

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◆ What is Dantotsu Water repellent®?
Komatsu Materele Co., Ltd.'s Dantotsu Water repellent® is easier to repel water than conventional products.
The smaller the contact area between the fabric and the water drops makes it easier for water drops to roll.
It is a fabric where you can experience the outstanding drainage.

◆ What is field sensor®?
Toray's field sensor® has a special multilayer structure with different density.
Generates capillary tube phenomena and quickly absorbs, diffuse, and dry sweat
It is a material with advanced sweat processing performance.

【 size 】
Free: Approximately 58cm to 59.5cm
(Note) Please note that the same size notation has a slightly different sensation due to the factors of the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【 material 】
Body: 100% nylon

【 Feature Description 】
Dantotsu water repellent®
Field Sensor®
Water absorption quick -drying / antibacterial deodorizing effect
WIRED BRIM: Built -in resin wire on the brim
New Adjustable System: With a size adjustment function on the back of Suberi

Nanga sells sleeping bags and down jackets, focusing on high -quality down and domestic manufacturing.
The down is better down from various European countries, and only the domestic refined ones are used, and the sewing is finished by skilled craftsmen.