NAC026 "NANGA x Clef" Dayly Recycle Down Shirt

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 NANGA × CLEF collaboration jacket
"Daily Recycling Down Shirt"

Manufactures and develops one of the best down products in Japan, including shuffles, and collaborates with NANGA, which is popular in outdoor scenes in Japan and overseas.

As the name suggests, we aimed for a "down shirt that you would like to wear every day".

The weight is lightweight with a weight of about 340g, and the down amount is adjusted to 60g so that it can be worn indoors and in the car comfortably.

It is a middle size that is not too large and not too thin, so you can use it as a shirt or a jacket if you change the way you wear it.

The shirt type with a collar is easy to match, such as a sweater, long T -shirt, hoodie, so you can easily wear it.

The pocket is
・ Pocket for easy access to small items.
・ Side pocket with a zip that can prevent drops. Fashion accessories fashion accessories
・ Inner pocket that can put large objects.
And it becomes a high capacity.

"Light comfort and moderate heat retention power"
"Easy to match coordination"
"Pocket with high capacity"
"Can be used as a shirt or a jacket"
"Can be used as an inner or as an outer"

"I just pick it up every day"

It is such a down shirt.

Activities to propose one hand clean when you go outdoor play
CLEF calling "Clean Outdoors"
We also adopted this down shirt with sympathy with NANGA's "React Downplusion".

I want to reuse limited resources and send a lifestyle that is kind to nature, life, and the earth.

What is the project "Re: ACT (React) Down" that reuses feathers?
Nanga's unique "React Doungrecology" that reuses a limited resource down (feathers)
Regardless of the manufacturer, it is an initiative that collects and refinement of down products that are no longer used and rebuilt them as new products.
As a company -related company, NANGA will actively recover the limited resources (feathers) and reborn as a new recycled down product (recycled down product).


Clefshop size chart

(cm) M L
Length 68 70
Chest surroundings 106 110
Hem width 102 106
Sleeve Length 60 62
Shit 100 102
shoulder width 44

Omotivual: 100% nylon

Lining: 100% nylon
Down: Re: Act
Down (recycling down) 650fp / 60g
Size: M / L
Color: Black / Beige

Nanga sells sleeping bags and down jackets, focusing on high -quality down and domestic manufacturing.
The down is better down from various European countries, and only the domestic refined ones are used, and the sewing is finished by skilled craftsmen.