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NATAL DESIGN X Clef collaboration pail hat!

Not to mention a town use, is an outdoor camping scene,; but of the fan there is many
The collaboration with "the Natal design!"
Three-dimensional embroidery of NATAL DESIGN gets a lot of looks to a simple pail hat in classical music.
I am particular about area of the saliva, depth when I covered, a design of the lining
It is the pail hat which is usable widely from a town use to the outdoor!

FREE : About 58.5cm~59.5cm
(attention) Approve the sense that covered with the factor of the cloth material (obstinate soft thin thick) by the same size notation beforehand to some extent because you are different

[NATAL DESIGN (Natal design)]
 I interpret a past tradition and the current fashion, various art and culture in an original viewpoint,
I am conscious of the making of original humor and item which there is not so far which let an edge work.
When I wear our item and use it
It is "HAPPY" and is "FUN" and,
If feelings of the one to wear even a little can make an item getting excited...
I aim at the making of such thing.