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"The NATAL DESIGN" × "Platchamp" Kolabo Plate!

It is a collaborated with a collaborative plate called "Natal Design," which has many enthusiastic fans in the entertainment industry, with a casual design and a message to the natural environment, while casual in the center.

It is a 20-centimeter-high-sized, optimal size for simplicity of a curry for one person.
This plate is easy to use as a market share plate regardless of the cooking genre, and is also used as a regular plate.

Size = 20 cm in caliber, 2.7cm in height/approx. 320g

The 0.8mm steel plate of the platform is not a smooth green color, but a 'glossy' dark green with a 'glossy' - green color.
The logo of Natal Design is a set of distinguishing specifications.

Platchamp's curry plate should be delicious to the last one of the last rice grain, and give it to such a curry-like creae.
It's a plate that proposes "a little spice in everyday life."

The special feature is Hollow's plate, and it is easy to use because it is easy to use because it is easier to smell and to be easily stained with a foul.
In addition, a slight difference (rising up) in front of the rewinding process makes it easier to eat small ingredients such as soban, onion, minced, and hiki meat when eating with a spoon.

The design is designed to support the table, which is simple and functional in a simple nuance.

The PLATCHAMP Horo-eating utensils are produced by Japanese craftsmen, made from the original golden molds, and the whole process is made by Japanese artisans, and the normal Horo tableware is made up of two coats, with a special glass-colored glaze made up of three coats and a single piece of grand coats, and the cover coat is grilled twice, and the porcelain is covered with a smooth lime and a different individual in the painting process.It is a kind of yakimono (grilled food) like a holo-eating utensils that have a unique flavor that reminded people of warmth and nostalemic that they do not have.

* The thickness of the dough is about 0.4mm thick, and the PLATCHAMP is roughly twice as thick as the 0.8mm hrolow steel plate.The thickness of the thickness is not available in the microwave oven, but it can be warmed up in the obventoster, especially because the temperature is sustained when cold-down cooking in the campine is resumed in the barbecue conro and the "direct fire".It also has the effect of eating utensils that are difficult to fly.

[NATAL DESIGN] (Natal Design)
 We can interpret past traditions, the current fashions, and various art and culture in their own way,
I am conscious of the creation of items that are not in the past to have their own sense of humor and edge.
when you're adding or using our items,
"HAPPY" or "FUN".
If you can make an item that has a high emotion to wear, you can wear it.
I'm trying to make things like that.