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"NATAL DESIGN" × "Platchamp" collaborative plate!

The design that has an accent in the key place while casual and has a message to the natural environment and a collaboration plate with a "natal design" that has a lot of fans in the entertainment world.

The 23cm plate, which can be used slowly, is the best size to eat various ingredients such as seasonal vegetables grilled with curry, hot and hot, on a single plate. It is also suitable for soup curries and pasta salad and large dish dishes, as there is also a moderate depth.

Size = 23 cm/height 3.2 cm/about 360g

Platt-champed 0.8mm steel is intact, and it is not a smooth mat color, but a dark green with a "glossy" choice!
The logomarks for the natal design are a prominent specification.

Platchamp's curry plates are delicious to the last rice grain, and I'm going to give you such curry
It is a plate that proposes "a little spice on everyday life".

The advantage is that it is a plate made of holo, and it is easy to smell, or to get oil dirt, and it is good to use it.
Also, by setting a small step (up) detail in front of the winding, small ingredients such as garbage, onion crumbs and slice meat are faintly depleted when eating with spoons.

It is a design that supports tables, which are nuanced and functional even in simple.

[PLATCHAMP] Features of the Hollow Plate -
The PLATCHAMP Hollow dish is made of pure Japanese and has a whole process of making, painting, and baking from the original die, and the usual Hollow dish is finished in two coats, and the special glassy medicine is finished in three coats at high temperatures, and the Grand Court is politely coated one sheet, and the cover coat is painted twice. It is a mat, smooth baking, baking, and baking like pottery, which is a mat for each process to be baked at high temperatures, and it is a holo dish with a unique style that reminds other companies of warmth and nostalgia.

* Dough thickness Overseas Horow dishes were made at approximately 0.4 mm thick, while PLATCHAMP was made at "0.8 mm Horow steel plate" and about twice thick. The detention of the thickness can not be used in microwave oven toasters, etc., but the temperature of the cooking cooled in the camp scene is continuously warmed again with barbecue stoves or direct fire. It also has the effect that the wind makes it difficult for the dish to fly.

NATAL DESIGN (Nateal Design) -
 It interprets past traditions and current crazes, as well as various arts and cultures in its own perspective,
I am conscious of making items that have never been used to act on their own humor or edge.
when we're wearing or using our items
It was "HAPPY", or "FUN" or
If you create items that have a lot of emotions for the wearer,
It's aimed at making things like that.