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Gentle shape drip kettle made by craftsman's handwork

The ovject drip kettle features a generous shape and a wooden lid with a sense of unity.
The pour spout made by an old craftsman can freely control the amount of hot water.
It is ideal for making fine coffee, thick coffee, and delicious coffee according to the pouring angle.
IH and gas stove compatible, even for coffee drip brewing delicious coffee,
A drip kettle that can be used as a multi-purpose kettle for boiling water or as a teapot.

● Specification that can be used as a kettle for IH and gas stoves, or as a pot for coffee drip
● The spout made by the hand of an old craftsman makes it easy to control the amount of hot water,
Ideal for brewing coffee.
● Can be used as a teapot



Body / Steel plate for enamel (entire enamel coating)
Lid/wood, steel plate for enamel (entire enamel coating)

Full capacity 1.8L / proper capacity 1.3L
Corresponding heat source: Gas stove / IH cookware 100V / IH cookware 200V
Halogen heater / Radiant / Seeds

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ovject” is not a uniform object,
It is a label that thinks about new products with a different perspective.
Including kitchenware, tableware,
We propose various products related to daily life.

Things that change your mind when you see them.
There is something that makes everyday life a little more comfortable.
“Ovject” shapes the possibilities between function and form, the relationship between tools and people.