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The ovject (object) double-handed pan is used for home-made authentic Daddy oven cooking,
A wide range of cooking is possible, including boiling, steaming, and baking.

Because it is made of cast metal with high heat storage, you can cook deliciously,
In addition, the surface is enamel finished so that it does not rust and can be used for a long time with simple maintenance.
The top lid, which can also be used as a grill plate, has a flat shape
You can put things on top and store them efficiently. The characteristic handle shape is
A shape derived from the function that can be opened and closed easily even when wearing mittens.

This is a double-handed pan that combines the high heat storage properties of castings, the excellent cleaning properties of enamels, and the functionality that allows for comfortable use.

■IH compatible [Compatible with heat sources other than microwave ovens]

[Casting enamel pot]
With lid closed φ240 (W294 including handle) x H60
Lid (grill plate): φ240 x H13
Pan: φ240*H47
Lid (grill plate): 1.8kg
Pan: 2.2kg
Casting (entire enamel coating)
Country of manufacture

ovject's two-handled pan enables a wide range of cooking methods at home, starting with authentic Dutch oven cuisine, as well as simmering, steaming and grilling. Food is cooked to perfection with the excellent heat storage properties of cast iron, and the all- over enamel coating prevents rust, prolonging the life of the product while making it easy to clean.The lid, which can also be used as a grill plate, is shaped flat so that other items can easily be stacked on top, allowing for efficient storage The distinctive shape of the handles is derived from their function of enabling easy opening and closing even when wearing heat-proof mitts.The excellent heat storage of cast iron, the superb easy-to-clean properties of enamel, and a pleasant-to. -use functionality are brought together in the form of this two-handled pan.

The ovject (object) double-handed pot can be made with this pot,
It comes with a recipe book that lists 30 dishes for grill, gas, and IH.
From the day you pick it up, you can enjoy a variety of dishes in an authentic casting pot.

|Menu published in recipe book|
Grilled chicken wings and onions / Vegetable chips / Fried shrimp /
Saikyo grilled mackerel / grilled chicken herb butter / pizza with raw ham and basil /
Tofu Quiche/Aqua Patsa/Paella/
Shrimp mushroom Ahijo / Stewed hamburger........etc

ovject” is not a uniform object,
It is a label that thinks about new products with a different perspective.
Including kitchenware, tableware,
We propose various products related to daily life.

Things that change your mind when you see them.
There is something that makes everyday life a little more comfortable.
“Ovject” shapes the possibilities between function and form, the relationship between tools and people.