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Including the ダッヂオーブン dish that both iron pans with a handle of ovject( object) are up to professional standard at home,
The cooking that is wide when I bake it that it is sultry to boil is possible.

Because it is made by a heat storage-related expensive casting, I can cook it deliciously,
Furthermore, it is not rusted by full-scale enamel finish and it has a long it and can use it by simple care.
Because the lid usable as a grill plate is a flat shape
I can put a thing on the top and can receive it effectively. The shape of characteristic Toride,
It is form derived by the function that I can open and close in the state that I made a mitten easily.

It is the high heat storage characteristics of the casting, the superior cleaning characteristics of the enamel, both iron pans with a handle that it is comfortable, and usable functionality was united.

■IH correspondence [I cope with the heat source except the microwave oven]

[casting enamel both hands pan]
240 (include Toride W294) φ X H60 in condition closing cover
A cover (grill plate): 240* φ H13
A pan: φ240*H47
A cover (grill plate): 1.8 kg
A pan: 2.2 kg
Casting (full-scale enamel coating)
Production country

ovject’s two-handled pan enables a wide range of cooking methods at home, starting with authentic Dutch oven cuisine, as well as simmering, steaming and grilling. Food is cooked to perfection with the excellent heat storage properties of cast iron, and the all-over enamel coating prevents rust, prolonging the life of the product while making it easy to clean. The lid, which can also be used as a grill plate, is shaped flat so that other items can easily be stacked on top, allowing for efficient storage. The distinctive shape of the handles is derived from their function of enabling easy opening and closing even when wearing heat-proof mitts. The excellent heat storage of cast iron, the superb easy-to-clean properties of enamel, and a pleasant-to-use functionality are brought together in the form of this two-handled pan.

To both iron pans with a handle of ovject( object), I can make it with this pan,
The recipe book which placed a grill, gas, 30 articles of dishes corresponding to the IH comes.
From the day that you took in a hand, you can enjoy various dishes with a real casting pan.

| Menu | which is placed in the recipe book
Fried prawn / which does not lift up wing and Tips / of the grill firing / vegetables of the onion
Pizza / of Nishikyo firing / grill chicken spicy grass butter / uncured ham and the basil of the mackerel
Quiche / アクアパッツァ / paella / of the tofu
アヒージョ / stew hamburger steak of prawns mushrooms........etc

ovject" (object) is not uniform object,
It is a label thinking about the new product which changed a viewpoint.
Including kitchenware, tableware,
I suggest various products about daily living.

The thing which gives a change to a heart when I saw it.
The thing that some daily life become comfortable because there is the thing.
"ovject" does a certain possibility in form between a function and form, a tool and the relationships with the person.