OCP001 "Oregonian Camper x PlatChamp" Dish Carry

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Oregonian Camper x PlatChamp collaboration

Platchamp's long -awaited dish carry in collaboration with the popular brand "Oregonian Camper" with various items full of military taste.

With a variety of gear -filled functions, we pursued the best form for transporting tableware up to 30 cm in diameter, including the platchamp enamel plate.

NEW COLOR's "Black" and "Black Duck" appear!

You can choose the color according to your camp gear and style.


◆ Adjust the thickness of the carry with the compression belt on the side of the main unit,
Reduce the rubbing between plates.

◆ In order to hold the plate that becomes heavy when summarized, it is possible to hold the handle on the left and right, so that you can hold both hands.

◆ A front belt that can be inserted with a platChamp cutlery set.

◆ By providing a mesh partition on the inner, the interference between plates with different shapes is reduced, and at the same time, the breathability is increased and the dishes are dried.

◆ PLATCHAMP PC002 Deep Plate and PC004 Flat Plate30 also fit,
A feeling of size that can store up to 10 to 15 sheets.

◆ Uses a double zipper and zipper tab that is easy to put in and out of the plate and open and close. Mesh is also used for the side part to improve breathability.

size(These are not included projections, etc.)

Diameter: about 31cm
Thickness: Approximately 2.5cm to 8.5cm (adjustable with compression belt)

Weight: about 500g


[Oregonian Camper]

His American -style camping gear brand "OREGONIAN CAMPER".
With a design and functionality that is not affected by the boom, add color to the camp scene.
SMART PACKING SMART CART CAMPING As a concept, "Oregonian Camper" proposes a new camp gear storage style.