OCP002 "Oregonian Camper x PlatChamp" Sierracup Carry

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Oregonian Camper x PlatChamp collaboration

A shera cup carry that allows you to safely transport and store your important shera cup
It is produced in collaboration with the popular brand "Oregonian Camper", mainly campers, with various items full of military taste.

The main room is a cushion specification in all directions.
Approximately 10 shera cups and rocky cups can be stored.

With a cushion partition with a different height, not limited to Sherra Cup
The layout is free to match the contents.

Transport cracks such as mugs and glasses,
As a precision device such as a camera or a gadget case.
The spices of the bottle container are also safe.

On the back side, a cutlery set and a non -slip belt that can fix chopsticks.
Completely equipped with small items.

With color variations of all 4 colorsYou can choose the color according to your camp gear and style.

It is a multi -case that does not bother you no matter how many.

size(These are not included projections, etc.)

Outside dimensions: 15cm long x 25cm wide
Thickness: about 12cm

Weight: about 350g


[Oregonian Camper]

His American -style camping gear brand "OREGONIAN CAMPER".
With a design and functionality that is not affected by the boom, add color to the camp scene.
SMART PACKING SMART CART CAMPING As a concept, "Oregonian Camper" proposes a new camp gear storage style.