PC001 Cerreal Bowl

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The bowl of the trapezoidal shape which was squeezed is an all-rounder who puts the side menu!
There is a moderate depth, and not only the cereal of the breakfast,
Even if you add side dishes such as salads and fruits, soup and coffee are also stylishly determined.

※ All will be Plathamamp hollow tableware made in Japan from platchamp original mold

※ ※ Now, we are running change to the thing that added [MADE IN JAPAN] to the lower part of the logo sequentially ※ ※
Please note that the time of change will be back and forth depending on the color for the running change.

SIZE : Diameter 12cm / Height 7cm 
Surface processing : Body Hollow 
Material type: Steel sheet for wax (thickness: 0.8mm)
Weight: About 170g
Country of manufacture: JAPAN

[Features of PLATCHAMP Hollow Plate]
PLATCHAMP hollow tableware is made in pure Japan and originated from the original mold,
Special glassy glaze is baked and processed at high temperatures reminiscent of warmth and nostalgia
It is in the color not found in other companies in "smooth matte color".

In addition, the usual hollow tableware is finished in two coats, PLATCHAMP is three coats
It is finished, the ground coat carefully "dipping (dob pickles)" one by one craftsmen
On top of one coat, twice the cover coat, in order to bake at a high temperature for each painting process,
It becomes a smooth surface finish though it is a mat.

PLATCHAMP is a whole process of making, painting, and baking shapes.
It is a hollow tableware with a unique texture created by Japanese craftsmen.

* Fabric thickness
Overseas hollow tableware is about 0.4 mm thick, PLATCHAMP is made with "0.8mm hollow steel sheet" and about twice the thickness.
The thickness can not be used in the microwave oven, but it can also be reheated in the toaster oven,
This is especially because the temperature lasts when cold dishes are reheated with a barbecue stove or "direct fire" again.
In addition, there is an effect that the tableware is hard to fly by the wind.

*Commitment made in Japan
PLATCHAMP's hollow tableware is a plate that incorporates the skillful "technology" of "Japan".
It is also pottery-like pottery that carefully makes one by one and has individual differences in baking.
We will propose what you really want to make, what you want to use, and what you want to know.

PLAT "Flat, Plate"
CHAMP coined words meaning "field"

Share your own space with your loved ones.
"Great place to be"
Casually colored style at the table of the house to the sea and the mountain
Wild camping dishes on the terrace and garden of the house
I want to enjoy the field of home parties and camping borderless.
It becomes a special space only by the side that attachment springs in casual daily life.
A brand that stylishly proposes cool and unpretentative accessories and tools.

[About Hollow]
Hollow processing that realizes a hygienic and glass-like surface,
Rust-resistant, corrosion resistance (resistant to corrosion), anti-wear resistance (hard to wear out),
It can be said that it is a surface processing with excellent non-adsorption property (odor is hard to attach).
It is easy to clean because dirt comes off just by washing with water or a mild detergent.

Because of the advanced technology of baking at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius or higher, the adhesion of hollow and iron (material) is extremely high,
It has durability that can be used for decades if handled carefully.

We are also particular about easy-to-use shapes and high-quality textures,
I finished it in the design that can be used widely from the home to the outdoors. 

Color unevenness, bubbles, end face parts, etc. of the hollow

Because it is all manual work, there is a case where individual differences such as color unevenness, coating unevenness, sunspot, bubbles, finish, etc. occur.
In addition, at the time of manufacture, the portion of hanging the product (firing needle trace) and the end face portion,
There is a place where the glaze becomes thin and looks black.
There are no quality issues, but customers who are concerned about
We recommend that you check the product at the store.

Please understand that it is a manufacturing method and material that is hard to become uniform, and enjoy the taste by hand. 

* Precautions 
In order to use it for a long time, please fully understand the following contents and enjoy Hollow Life.
Because it is a metal product, please do not use it in a "microwave oven" by all times.
Please refrain from using it as a cooking utensil, such as stir-fried or roasted.
Please be careful if you have hot food because of its high thermal conductivity, or if you put it on an open fire, the body will become hot and cause burns.
Do not give sudden temperature changes, such as applying cold water to the body with heat. There is a risk of damage to the hollow layer (microcracks, fine cracks, etc.).
Please do not give a strong impact. This may cause cracks, chipping, or damage to the hollow part (entire surface).
Do not use gold sardines, polished powder (detergents containing abrasives) etc. because it damages the surface. When washing, wash a soft sponge with a neutral detergent for the kitchen and dry well.
Please refrain from using the dishwasher or dishwasher. It may cause scratches and rust.
If the dirt is hard to remove, soak it in hot water for a while before washing. If it still doesn't work, repeat the process.
After use, wash thoroughly, wipe off the water thoroughly with a dry cloth, dry it, and then store it.