FLATPLATE 25 4PS SET + Military Box

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PlatchampThe advantageous set which の tableware and vintage military storing box set

[set contents]
◆PC003Flat plate25 × 4PS
It was simple so that a source or meat juices were hard to overflow it to size of 25cm that they were easy to use from salad to pasta, meat, fish dishes in every scene by touching some depth and finished it.

Vintage military storing box × 1PS
The storing box which is most suitable to put tableware by camping.
The ammunition of the armed forces was originally used as a case to put!
At the home, it is a box bold as one of the interior.

Size = 15cm in height X 40cm in width X 35cm in height

[matters that require attention]
The individual difference including a color and the dirt condition produces the vintage military storing box for USED item.
Because you cannot accept it, approve the returned goods exchange.

PLATCHAMPGood point 】 of the enamel plate
A Japanese craftsman works hard, and build up all steps baking to paint with that the PLATCHAMP enamel tableware is made in pure Japan and wakes you up from an original die, and to make, and finish 3 coats, and 1 coated a grand coat with a high temperature with a place finishing the normal enamel tableware with 2 coats, special vitreous glaze carefully one by one in "ディッピング" (ditch pickles), and a cover coat is smooth twice to bake it at a high temperature every painting process while being mat; is baked, and is ceramic ware such as the ceramics with the individual difference, and it is to enamel tableware having a unique texture to make it think for nostalgia when is warm that there is not in the other companies.

*As for the enamel tableware of thickness foreign countries of the cloth, PLATCHAMP made a place of thickness approximately 0.4mm with "a 0.8mm enamel steel sheet" and thickness of approximately 2 times. The feelings to the thickness are not usable with the microwave oven, but I can warm it with toaster ovens again, and this is because temperature when I warmed the dish which cooled down in particular in the camping scene by a barbecue cooker and "open fire" again again continues it. In addition, there is the effect that tableware is hard to fly by wind.

※※I run and change it for the "MADE IN JAPAN" thing which I printed more to for logo retainer sequentially now.
※※Because change time is mixed up by a color for a running change, approve the point.