FLATPLATE 30 4PS SET + Military Box

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PlatchampA great value set with a set of tableware and vintage military storage box

【set content】
◆ PC004Flat plate30 x 4PS
A large plate of 30 cm size that can be used in various scenes such as home parties where a large number of people surround a table.
A wide range of dishes, from large dishes that use a single bird like a rotisserie chicken to buffet dishes such as cheese and crackers.
Also, since it can be used as a one-plate style that combines many items into one, it is a plate that supports the dining table regardless of style.

Vintage military storage box × 1PS
A storage box that's ideal for storing dishes in camping.
Originally used as a case for holding military ammunition!
A box that has a strong presence as an interior item at home.

Size = height 15 cm x width 40 cm x length 35 cm

Since the vintage military storage box is a USED item, individual differences such as color and dirt will occur.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

PLATCHAMPFeatures of enameled plate]
PLATCHAMP Enamel tableware is made in pure Japan, and all the processes of raising, painting, and baking from the original mold are made by Japanese craftsmen, and ordinary enameled tableware is finished with 2 coats, a special glass. 3 coats of high quality glaze are finished at high temperature, 1 coat of ground coat is carefully prepared by "dipping", and 2 coat covers are baked at high temperature for each painting process. Although it is a mat, it is baked smoothly, and it is a pottery-like pottery with individual differences.

*Dough thickness Overseas enamel tableware has a thickness of about 0.4 mm, and PLATCHAMP is "0.8 mm enamel steel plate", which is about twice as thick. You can't use the microwave oven for its thickness, but you can reheat it with a toaster oven, etc., especially if you cook a dish that has been chilled in the camping scene again with a barbecue stove or "open fire". Because it does. It also has the effect of making it difficult for the tableware to fly due to the wind.

* * Right now, we are changing the running to the one with "MADE IN JAPAN" additionally printed on the bottom of the logo.
Please note that due to running changes, the color may change before and after.