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Practical and beautiful "Horomagu" with various Platchamp commitments.

Stacking is possible with a good-looking silhouette!
It is possible to store smartly in a home cupboard or in a camping scene without taking up space.

The handle has a sloping shape so that the thumb can fit comfortably.
Also, since the conventional mug has a handle at the bottom of the cup, it was hot until I finished drinking tea or coffee, but the Platchamp mug has a handle at the top of the cup, so tea or coffee When the remaining amount of is below the handle, the heat of the handle is reduced, and the design is more conscious of the camping scene.

The Platchamp mug goes great with "craft beer"!
The size between the mug and the glass can be used not only with coffee or tea but also with beer such as beer.
The characteristic of the material is that it is difficult for the enamel tableware to have a "smell transfer", and you can fully enjoy the charm of craft beer that you want to enjoy various aromas and tastes.
*The Platchamp mug is ideal for beer because it can be cooled down in a refrigerator or a cooler box containing ice, even if it is in a short time.

*Each tableware is made in Japan from PLATCHAMP original mold

* *Now, we are changing the running to the one with "MADE IN JAPAN" additionally printed on the bottom of the logo.
Please note that due to running changes, the color may change before and after.

SIZE: Diameter 8cm / Height 10.6cm / Capacity 320ml
Surface treatment: Body enamel
Material type: Steel plate for enamel (thickness: 0.8 mm)
Weight: about 180g
Manufacturing country: JAPAN

[Features of PLATCHAMP enamel plate]
PLATCHAMP enamel tableware is made in pure Japan and is raised from the original mold,
A special glassy glaze is baked at high temperature to remind you of the warmth and nostalgia
The "smooth matte color" has a color tone that no other company has.

Ordinary enamel tableware is finished with 2 coats, while PLATCHAMP is 3 coats.
Finished, craftsmen carefully "dipping (dip pickling)" one by one
After coating one coat, the cover coat is baked twice at high temperature for each painting process.
The matte surface gives a smooth surface finish.

PLATCHAMP is the whole process of shaping, painting and baking
It is a enamel tableware with a unique texture created by Japanese craftsmen.

*Thickness of fabric
Overseas enamel tableware has a thickness of about 0.4 mm, and PLATCHAMP is "0.8 mm enamel plate", which is about twice as thick.
You can't use it in a microwave, but you can reheat it with a toaster oven, etc.
This is because the temperature that is maintained when a dish that has been chilled during the camping scene is reheated with a barbecue stove or an "open fire" is maintained.
It also has the effect of making it difficult for the tableware to fly due to the wind.

* Made in Japan
PLATCHAMP's enamel tableware is a dish that incorporates the skillful "technology" of "Japan".
It is also a pottery-like pottery that is carefully made one by one and has different individual differences when baked.
We propose what you really want to make, what you want to use, what you want to know.

PLAT "flat, plate"
CHAMP A coined word meaning "field"

Share your own space with your loved ones.
Casually styled at the table at home to the sea and mountains
Bring wild camp food to your terrace or garden
I want to enjoy the field of home parties and camping without borders
It becomes a special space just by putting things that are attached to casual everyday life.
A brand that stylishly proposes accessories and tools that are cool and unpretentious.

[About Enamel]
Enamel processing that achieves a hygienic surface close to glass is
Rust-resistant, corrosion resistance (strong against corrosion), wear resistance (hard to wear),
It can be said that this is a surface treatment that has excellent non-adsorption properties (hard to smell).
It can be easily cleaned because the stains are removed simply by washing with water or a neutral detergent.

Due to the high technology of baking at a high temperature of 800°C or higher, the adhesion between enamel and iron (material) is extremely high,
If you handle it carefully, it will be durable enough to be used for decades.

Sticking to easy-to-use shapes and high-quality textures,
Designed for a wide range of uses from home to outdoors.

Enamel unevenness, air bubbles, end face parts, etc.

Due to manual work, uneven colors, uneven coating, black spots, bubbles, and individual differences in finish may occur.
Also, during manufacturing, the parts where the product is hung (traces of firing needles) and the end surface are
There are places where the glaze is thin and dark.
These have no quality problems, but customers
We recommend that you check the product at the store.

Please understand that it is a manufacturing method and material that is difficult to be uniform, and enjoy the taste made by hand.

In order to use it for a long time, please fully understand the following contents and enjoy enamel life.
■ It is a metal product, so never use it in a "microwave oven".
■Please refrain from using stir-fried or roasted foods as cooking utensils.
■Please note that the product has a high heat conductivity and contains hot food, or if you put it on an open flame, it will cause the main unit to become hot and cause burns.
■ Do not subject the main unit that has heat to cold water such as sudden changes in temperature. It may damage the enamel layer (microcracks, fine cracks, etc.).
■Do not give a strong shock. Doing so may cause cracks, chips or damage to the enamel part (entire surface).
Do not use gold scrubbing brush or polishing powder (detergent containing abrasives) as it will damage the surface. When washing, wash the soft sponge with neutral kitchen detergent and dry it well.
Please refrain from using it in the dishwasher or dish dryer. It may cause scratches and rust.
■If dirt does not come off easily, soak in hot water for a while and then wash. If it still does not fall, repeat the same work.
■ After using, wash thoroughly and wipe off water with a dry cloth to dry before storing.