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As a curry plate, of course, as a dish that can be used in a multi
The size of 15cm gives the best performance.

Suitable depth and a shape that makes it easy to pick up fine foodstuffs due to the step of the edge, etc.
You can't let go of it once you use it.

Size: caliber 15cm/height 2.1 cm
Surface treatment: hollow
Material type: steel plate for Hollow (plate thickness 0.8 mm)
Weight: about 156g
Made in Japan

Platchamp's new series, Curry plate、
1 last grain of rice、
It is a plate to propose"a little spice to daily life" to give such curry lovers.
The feature is a simple and easy-to-use plate made of enamel.
By installing a small step (rise) detail in front of the roll back, when eating with a spoon, rice and small ingredients are easy to scoop up, even in a simple, nuance and functionality, it has become a design to support the table.
It is very easy to clean up after dishes such as Curry and pasta dishes.

Features of hollow products
Hygienic and close to the glass surface、
Rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant (resistant to corrosion), wear-resistant (resistant to abrasion)、
It can be said to be a surface processing which is excellent in non-adsorptive(hard to get a smell).
It is easy to clean simply by washing with water or neutral detergent.

Due to the advanced technology of baking at a high temperature of 800 ° C or higher, the adhesion between the enamel and the iron (material) is extremely high、
It has a durability that can be used for decades if you can handle it carefully.

We are also particular about the easy-to-use shape and fine texture、
It is finished in a design that you can use a wide range from home to the outdoors. 

Color uniformity, air bubbles, end・face parts, etc.
For all manual work, there is a case where individual differences such as color unevenness, fill unevenness, black spots, bubbles, finish occur.
Also, when manufacturing, the places where the product is hung(firing needle marks) and the end face parts are、
There is a part where the glaze becomes thin and becomes blackish.
These are not quality problems, mind the customer、
We recommend that you check the product in the shop.

Please understand that it is a manufacturing method and material that is difficult to be uniform, and enjoy the taste by hand. 

Before you use it for the first time
Please confirm that there is no defect such as deformation or rattling.
Apply a mild detergent to a soft sponge and wash thoroughly with warm water before use.

We are committed to quality, but in the unlikely event that there is a defect, please contact us before use.

In order to use it for a long time, please fully understand the following contents, please enjoy the hollowness life.
■Since it is a metal product, please do not use it in the"microwave oven" absolutely.
■Stir-fry, such as roasted, please refrain from using as cookware.
■If you have a hot dish because of high thermal conductivity, or if you put it on an open flame, the main body will become hot and it will cause a burn, please be careful enough.
■Do not apply cold water to the body with heat or sudden temperature changes.It may break the enamel layer(microcracks, fine cracks, etc.).
■Do not give a strong shock.Cracks and chipping of the hollow part (the entire surface) will cause breakage.
■ Please do not use gold brush, Polish (detergent containing abrasive) etc. because it will scratch the surface.When washing, please wash with a soft sponge with a mild detergent for the kitchen and dry well.
■Please refrain from using the dishwasher or dish dryer.It may cause scratches and rust.
■When the dirt is hard to fall, please wash it after putting it in hot water for a while.If it still does not fall, repeat the same operation.
■After use, wash well, wipe dry thoroughly with a dry cloth, and store after drying.