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20 cm with a sense of size that is ideal for simply serving curry for one person.

It will be a plate that is easy to use as a share plate regardless of the cooking genre and will be most useful on a daily basis.

Size: Diameter 20cm/Height 2.7cm
Surface treatment: enamel
Material type: Steel plate for enamel (plate thickness 0.8 mm)
Weight: about 320g
made in Japan

Platchamp's new series "Curry Plate"
I want you to taste one last grain of rice,
It is a plate that proposes "a little spice to everyday life" for such curry lovers.
A simple and easy-to-use plate made of enamel.
By providing a detail with a slight step (rise) in front of rewinding, it becomes easier to scoop up rice and small ingredients when eating with a spoon, and a table with a simple yet functional nuance It is designed to support.
Enamel tableware does not easily get odor and stains, and it is very easy to clean up curry and pasta dishes.

Features of enameled products
Enamel processing that achieves a hygienic surface close to glass is
Rust-resistant, corrosion resistance (strong against corrosion), wear resistance (hard to wear),
It can be said that this is a surface treatment that has excellent non-adsorption properties (hard to smell).
It can be easily cleaned because the stains are removed simply by washing with water or a neutral detergent.

Due to the high technology of baking at a high temperature of 800°C or higher, the adhesion between enamel and iron (material) is extremely high,
If you handle it carefully, it will be durable enough to be used for decades.

Sticking to easy-to-use shapes and high-quality textures,
Designed for a wide range of uses from home to outdoors. 

Enamel unevenness, air bubbles, end face parts, etc.
Due to manual work, uneven colors, uneven coating, black spots, bubbles, and individual differences in finish may occur.
Also, during manufacturing, the parts where the product is hung (traces of firing needles) and the end surface are
There are places where the glaze is thin and dark.
These have no quality problems, but customers
We recommend that you check the product at the store.

Please understand that it is a manufacturing method and material that is difficult to be uniform, and enjoy the taste made by hand. 

Before using for the first time
Make sure that there are no deformations or rattles.
Soak a soft sponge with neutral detergent and wash it thoroughly with warm water before using.

We have taken all possible measures for quality, but if there is any problem, please contact us before using.

In order to use it for a long time, please fully understand the following contents and enjoy enamel life.
■ It is a metal product, so never use it in a "microwave oven".
■Please refrain from using stir-fried or roasted foods as cooking utensils.
■Please note that the product has a high heat conductivity and contains hot food, or if you put it on an open flame, it will cause the main unit to become hot and cause burns.
■ Do not subject the main unit that has heat to cold water such as sudden changes in temperature. It may damage the enamel layer (microcracks, fine cracks, etc.).
■Do not give a strong shock. Doing so may cause cracks, chips or damage to the enamel part (entire surface).
Do not use gold scrubbing brush or polishing powder (detergent containing abrasives) as it will damage the surface. When washing, wash the soft sponge with neutral kitchen detergent and dry it well.
Please refrain from using it in the dishwasher or dish dryer. It may cause scratches and rust.
■If dirt does not come off easily, soak in hot water for a while and then wash. If it still does not fall, repeat the same work.
■ After using, wash thoroughly and wipe off water with a dry cloth to dry before storing.