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The form that is most suitable to enjoy profit such as the pure Chinese sake of rice and deep body slowly.
Because sake turns around in a container, the ぽてっとした shape draws full-bodied taste of the sake.

Size: Diameter 7cm/ 5.1cm in height

Surface processing: Enamel
The kind of materials: Steel sheet (board thickness 0.8mm) for enamel
Weight: Approximately 70 g
Product made in Japan
※5 Platchamp original 勺枡, vanity case are attached.

The enamel which there is the place where a tank made by enamel is used by the sake production now, and is sake and the deep material of the relationship.
I succeeded in molding the most suitable form to watch ぐい 吞 by a technique of 匠 made an expert craftsman in Platchamp.
Because fishing to say does not perform a smell, as a good point of the enamel bottle and cup, a caliber can fully taste a fragrance, taste of the sake.
In addition, I change the rollback part into the impression that taste をとろっと of the sake is mild for soft taste.

The good enamel bottle and cup of the heat conduction changes into the temperature of the sake by heat to reach it from the hand which lasted to wrap it up, and it is a good point that I can enjoy a fragrance and taste of sake changing every one share.
The enamel bottle and cup starts as new suggestion to sake culture in the future.

Good point of the enamel product
The enamel processing to realize the surface which it is hygienic, and is near to glass,
Is hard to be rusted; corrosion-resistant (is strong in corrosion) anti-abrasivity (is hard to wear down),
It may be said that it is surface processing superior in non-attachment-related (a smell is hard to be turned on).
Because a dirt comes off just to wash it with water and a synthetic detergent, care is simple.

For a high technique to print at high temperatures more than 800 degrees Celsius, it is extremely high in enamel and the coherence degree of iron (material),
I have the durability to be available for dozens of years if you can treat it carefully.

I am particular about form and the good-quality feel of a material that it is easy to use,
I finished it in the design which you could use widely from the home to the outdoor. 

Uneven coloring, air bubbles, end face part of the enamel
For manual labor, there is all the case that individual difference of uneven coloring, a coating irregularity, a sunspot, air bubbles, the finish produces.
In addition, a point (burning needle trace) and the end face part which hang a product at the time of production,
There is the point that glaze becomes thin, and becomes blackish.
The visitor who these do not have the problem in the quality, but is interested,
I recommend that I have you confirm a product at store.

I have it be understood that it is a manufacturing method, the material which is hard to become uniform, and, please enjoy the taste with the handicraft. 

Before having you use it for the first time
Please confirm that there is not the malfunction such as transformation, the wobble.
I attach a synthetic detergent to the tender sponge, and, please use it after washing the whole with tepid water well.

I am absolutely sure in quality, but, please contact us before use when you are defective by any chance.

I have you understand the following contents enough to have you use it for a long time, and, please enjoy an enamel life.
■Because it is a metal product, please never use it with "the microwave oven".
■I fry it, and, please refrain from a thing, the use as the kitchen utensil including the roasting thing.
■Because the main body becomes hot and causes the burn when I hang it for a case and the open fire that a hot dish is contained in because thermal conductivity is high, please warn enough him.
■I sprinkle cold water in the main body with the heat, and, please do not give a sudden temperature change. I might perform damage (a microcrack is close crack) of the enamel layer.
■Please do not give a strong shock. It causes the crazing of the enamel moiety (the whole surface) and a miss, the damage.
■Because you injure the surface, please do not use a gold scrubbing brush, the polishing powder (detergent including abrasives). When you wash it, I attach a synthetic detergent for kitchens to the tender sponge and wash it, and it is good, and, please dry it.
■Please refrain from a dishwasher, the use with the tableware dryer. It may cause a wound and the rust.
■When a dirt is hard to come off, please wash it after ranking hot water for a while. Still, please repeat work by the same author business when you do not fall.
■After use, please keep it after wiping off moisture with dry cloth enough after washing it well, and drying it.