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Guinomi koori

It is the best feature to enjoy fruity and gorgeous fragrance and taste such as ginjo.
The shape of the slender to stand up from the bottom to the top greatly expand the scent of sake.

Size: 6.8 cm / height

Surface processing: Horo
Material type: low pressure steel plate
Weight: About
Made in Japan
* platchamp original 5 scissors and make-up box.

About guinomi
Even today, there are some horns made of horlow.
In platchamp, the skill of the skill that can be done by the skilled craftsman succeeded in shaping the optimum pattern for the gutter.
As a characteristic of the horrow sake vessel, it does not spill the container, so you can enjoy the fragrance and taste of sake.
In addition, the rewind turns into a soft mild impression with a soft mouth.

It is a characteristic that the temperature of sake can be changed by the heat transmitted from the hand which it has the heat conduction, and it can enjoy the fragrance and the taste of the sake changing every one mouth.
The Horo sake vessel starts as a new proposal to the sake culture from now on.

Features of hollow products
Hollow processing to realize hygienic and near glass surfaces
Corrosion resistant (resistant to corrosion) and anti abrasion (hard to wear)
It can be called surface processing excellent in non adsorbability (hard to smell).
It is easy to care because it removes dirt only by washing with water or neutral detergent.

Because of the advanced technology of baking at high temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius, the adhesion between iron and iron is very high
It is durable and can be used for decades.

Easy to use and quality texture
It has been designed to be widely used from home to outdoor. 

Color unevenness, bubble and edge surface
Because of manual work, there may be individual differences of color irregularity, irregularity, black dots, bubbles, and finish.
At the time of manufacture, the place where the product is suspended (the trace of the firing needle) and the end surface part are
It is thin and black.
Although these are not the quality problems, customers who care about it
We recommend that you confirm the item at the store.

Please understand that it is a manufacturing method and material that is difficult to become uniform, and enjoy the taste by hand. 

Before use first
Please make sure that there is no problem such as deformation and galloping.
Please use this after washing the whole with mild detergent, mild detergent, soft sponge.

If you have any trouble, please contact us before use.

Please understand the content below and enjoy the hollow life.
Please do not use this product in the microwave oven.
Please refrain from using it as a cooking utensils such as stir fry.
Note that this product is hot enough to heat, so please take care not to let the main body become hot and hot flame.
Do not give rapid temperature change, such as applying cold water to the main body. It may cause damage to the hollow layer (micro crack, fine crack).
Do not give strong impact. It is cause of cracks, chipping, and damage of the hollow part (whole surface).
Please do not use this product, such as gold tallow, polishing powder (detergent containing abrasive), etc. When washing, apply a mild detergent to the soft sponge to wash and dry well.
Do not use this product in a dishwasher or tableware dryer. It may cause scratches or snakes.
If it is hard to remove dirt, please put it in hot water for a while. If not, repeat the work.
After washing, please wipe off the water thoroughly with dry cloth and dry it.