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◆ ◇ GUINOMI KAORI -Gui Pami scent ◇ ◆

The perfect shape for fruity and gorgeous aroma and taste such as Daiginjo.

The slender shape that rises widely from the bottom to the top makes the scent of sake maximize.

◇ About Guinomi
The enamel is a material that is deeply related to sake, as there are still enamel tanks in sake manufacturing.
In Platchamp, the skill of a craftsman who can only be a skilled craftsman has succeeded in forming a perfect shape for Gui.
As a feature of enamel wool, you can fully enjoy the scent and umami of sake because it does not smell in the bowl.
In addition, the rewind part turns the mouth of sake into a mild impression with a soft mouthfeel.

The enamel liquor with a good thermal conductor also changes the temperature of sake due to the heat transmitted from the wrapped hands in wrapped in, and you can enjoy the scent and taste of sake that changes every one unit.
Enamel wax will start as a new proposal for sake culture in the future.

◇ Color variation
The enamel dishes of PlatChamp
There are 7 colors that can be selected according to the mood of the day, the menu of the dishes used, the menu of the dishes used.

"Ivory", "Gray", "Green" and "Blue"
A wide range of matches from home cooking, home parties to outdoors.
You can enjoy your home style as it is.
"Smooth mat color", a feature of Platchamp, gives a unique gentle impression.

"Black", "Mat Sand" and "Mat Khaki"
Military colors are outdoor dishes and camping gear.
Enjoy the adult play gokoro.
Ideal for enjoying sake and whiskey slowly while surrounding the bonfire.

◇ Spec
Size: 6.8cm in diameter / 7cm in height
Surface processing: enamel
Type of material: Writing plate for enamel (0.8mm thick plate thickness)
Weight: Approximately 74g
Pure Japanese
* Includes PlatChamp's original 5 勺 masu / makeup box.

◇ PLATCHAMP Features of enamel plate ◇ ◆

Platchamp's enamel tableware is made of pure Japan and occurs from the original mold,
Remilled the warmth and nostalgia of special glass glaze at high temperatures
"Smooth mat color" is found in colors that other companies do not have.

In addition, normal enamel dishes are finished in 2 coats,
Platchamp is finished in 3 coats, and the craftsman on the ground coat
In addition to one coat with "dipping (dub pickled)" one by one, one by one.
To bake the cover coat twice at a high temperature for each painting process
It has a smooth surface finish while being a mat.

Platchamp is the whole process of shaping, applying, and baking.
It will be an enamel dish with a unique texture created by Japanese craftsmen.

◇ Thickness of the fabric
Overseas enamel dishes are about 0.4mm thick
Platchamp was made about twice as thick as "0.8mm enamel steel plate".
The commitment to its thickness cannot be used in a microwave,
It can also be reheated with an oven toaster, etc.
Especially the cold dishes in the camp scene and the barbecue stove
This is because the temperature when heated with a "direct fire" lasts.
It also has the effect that the tableware is difficult to fly due to the wind.

◇ Pure Japanese commitment

Platchamp's enamel dishes are a dish that includes the skillful "technology" of "Japan".
It is also a pottery -like pottery with individual differences in the baking.
We propose what you really want to make, what you want to use, and what you want to know.

◆ ◇ PlatChamp (platform) ◇◆

Plat "Flat, Plate"
CHAMP coined word meaning "field"

―Share your own space with important people-
Go to the sea and mountains with a casual color on the table at home.
Wild camp dishes to the home terrace and garden.
I want to enjoy the field of home parties and camps in borderless.
It becomes a special space just by putting things that are attached to casual everyday life on the side.

A brand that stylishly proposes cool accessories and tools.

◆ ◇ About enamel ◇ ◆

The enamel processing that realizes a hygienic and close to glass
Lost rust, corrosion resistance (resistant to corrosion), anti -abrasion (hard to slip),
It can be said that it is an excellent surface processing with non -adsorbeness (hard to smell).
It is easy to clean because it removes dirt just by washing with water or neutral detergent.

Because of the advanced technology to bake at a high temperature of 800 ° C or higher
The degree of adhesion between the enamel and the iron (material) is extremely high,
If you can handle it carefully, it will be durable for decades.

Focus on easy -to -use shapes and high -quality texture,
Finished with a design that can be used widely from home to outdoors. 

Because of all manual work, there may be uneven color, unnecessary, black dot, bubbles, and individual differences.
At the time of manufacturing, the parts that hang the product (firing needle marks) and the ends are
There are places where glaze is thin and darkened.
These have no quality problems, but those who are worried,
We recommend that you check the product at the store.

Please understand that it is a manufacturing method and material that is hard to become uniform,
Please enjoy the handmade taste. 

◆ ◇ Notes ◇ ◆ 

In order to use it for a long time, please fully understand the following contents and enjoy the enamel life.

◆ As it is a metal product, do not use it in "microwave oven".
Please refrain from using it as a cooking utensil, such as stir -fry or roasted.
If you have hot dishes because of the high thermal conductivity,
Please note that a direct fire will become hot and cause you to burn.
Do not give a sudden temperature change, such as applying cold water to the body with heat.
The enamel layer may be damaged (such as micro -cracks, fine cracks, etc.).
Do not give a strong impact. It may cause cracks and missing of the enamel part (entire surface).
Do not use golden eagle, polished (detergent containing abrasives), etc. because it damages the surface. When washing, apply a kitchen neutral detergent to a soft sponge and wash it well.
Please refrain from using it with a dishwasher or dish dryer. It may cause scratches and rust.
If the dirt is difficult to remove, soak it in hot water for a while before washing. If it still does not fall, repeat the same work.
After use, wash well, then wipe off the water with a dry cloth and dry it.