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The cutlery in the camp scene is quite poor, and there are few things that can be stored neatly, so the knife (with a bottle opener), a folk, and a spoon fit in one and has excellent portability, and even the whole family is compact. Vintage cutlery set that becomes a large size.
Aging is applied to stainless steel material, and it is developed in three colors, Silver, BLACK and GOLD, which has an antique -like texture.

BLACK is a specification that allows you to enjoy a unique black coloring using a technology called "black oxidation color".

● Material: Stainless steel (aging processing)
● Size: Knife 16.2cm x2.3cm/Fork 15.8cm x 2.5cm/Spoon 16cm x 3.7cm)
● Weight: Approximately 86g (set of 3)

[About black oxidation color]
The surface of the stainless steel is covered with a transparent film called oxidized film.
Black oxidation color is thickened by 0.1 microns by increasing the thickness of this oxide film.
It is a technology that looks black due to the refraction of light.

It is not colored with paint and does not lose the texture and luster of metal.
You can also enjoy the shades that change slightly depending on the viewing angle.

In addition, the film is thicker than normal stainless steel, so it has a more rust property.

【important point】
Due to the characteristics of the processing, all have some color unevenness, not the same finish.
Black oxidation color is used as the frequency of use, frequency of friction, etc.
Sometimes the black color drops slowly and approaches the silver color.
Please enjoy the aging that is generated by using it.