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A very versatile Shera Cup in the CAMP scene,
Using the technology of "black oxidative coloring," it was finished in black with a unique texture.

By applying a rare process in Tsubamesanjo City, Niigata Prefecture,
It has become a mature and playful specification.

Size: Diameter 12cm / Height 4cm

Weight: about 93g

Material: Stainless Steel [Aging]

made in Japan


[About black oxidative coloring]
Thick oxide film on the surface of stainless steel makes it look black due to the refraction phenomenon of light.

As a feature
Participation in black color is characterized by the fact that the thickness of the oxide film is thicker and more uniform, so it does not rust easily and cracks and peeling do not occur easily.
Also, because it is not painted, you can enjoy the shade that changes subtly depending on the viewing angle when exposed to "open fire".

【important point】
Due to the characteristics of processing, not all finishes are the same, but there is some color unevenness.
Black oxidative coloring may slowly fade to black as it is used, such as the frequency of use and the frequency of rubbing, and may approach silver.