PC521 Sierra Cup- Camp

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Sierra Cup --camp

PC521 Sierra Cup is a standard shape.
Ideal for drinking dishes and coffee.

A very versatile Sherra cup in the CAMP scene,
Finished in a black color with a unique texture using the technology of "black oxidation color".

By applying rare processing in Tsubame Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture
The functionality has been improved, and the atmosphere and playful specifications have been made.

In addition to the popular black, "Silver" and "Gold" appear!

BLACK is a unique matte black color with a solid metal using black oxidation technology.
April 2022More than the black surface treatment has been changed.
The reflection of the surface is suppressed by the manufacturing method called a shot blast, making it a matte and luxurious finish.

Silver is a vintage silver that is used by blasting.

Gold is finished in an elegant antique gold by applying gold plating and then aging.

The "PlatChamp" logo is engraved inside the bottom of the cup.

You can cook hot water by stacking with Rocky Cup, and for cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, etc.

Oregonian Camper x PlatChamp collaboration Sierracup Carry Is a must -have item.


Size: 12cm in diameter / 4cm in height
Weight: Approximately 93g
Capacity: 320ml
Material: Stainless steel (18-8stainless)

made in Japan


[About black oxidation color]
The surface of the stainless steel is covered with a transparent film called oxidized film.
Black oxidation color is thickened by 0.1 microns by increasing the thickness of this oxide film.
It is a technology that looks black due to the refraction of light.

It is not colored with paint and does not lose the texture and luster of metal.
You can also enjoy the shades that change slightly depending on the viewing angle.

In addition, the film is thicker than normal stainless steel, so it has a more rust property.

【important point】
Due to the characteristics of the processing, all have some color unevenness, not the same finish.
Black oxidation color is used as the frequency of use, frequency of friction, etc.
Sometimes the black color drops slowly and approaches the silver color.
Please enjoy the aging that is generated by using it.

Silver and gold are by aging processing
Slight dents may appear.