Platchamp camp set + military box

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PlatchampI want to use outdoor scene!

"Limited matte sand color"
I made cherra cup and cutlery set.
The earth color plate matches BBQ and outdoor cooking.
It is a gear for campers stuck in cooking.

Deep plate mat sand X 2 PS
The most popular deep plate in platchamp's plate series from moderate size and just a good size to put pasta and main dishes.

Size = 21.5 cm / height 4cm / 320G

2cm mat sand plate X 2 PS
The 23 cm plate that can be used comfortably is the best size to eat various vegetables such as grilled seasonal vegetables, curry, and so on. In addition, it is suitable for soup curry, pasta salad, large dish dish because there is moderate depth.

Size = 23cm / height 3.2 cm / height

Chera cup X 2 PS
A very versatile Chera cup in camp scene
"Black oxidation coloring" technique has been used for black with unique flavor.

Size: 12 cm / 4 cm

Vintage cutlery set X2ps
A cutlery set with one spoon for a bottle opener.
The vintage taste of the military once finished making the product and washing it like a denim.
Camper is an especially cutlery set.

Size = size: 16.2 cm x 2.3 cm / fork 15.8 cm x 2.5 cm / spoon 16 cm x 3.7 cm
Weight: approximately 86 g (3 sets)

Military box × 1Individual
The best storage box for putting tableware in camping.
Originally, it was used as a case in which military ammunition etc.were taken.
It is a box with existence feeling as one of the interior in the home.

Size = 15cm x 40 cm

The vintage storage box produces individual differences such as color and dirt.
Please note that we cannot accept return exchange.

PlatchampMarche bag
Platchamp original Marche bag.
Because it is large size, it is useful for carrying bulky luggage.
* color and design may differ from the product photograph.

PlatchampFeatures of the hollow plate

The platchamp hollow tableware is made from pure Japanese made from the original metal mold, and the Japanese craftsman grabs all the steps of making, painting, and baking, and the usual horrow tableware is finished with two coat, and a special glassy glaze is finished in three parts at high temperature, and it is It is a pottery like a pottery with a smooth burnt up and individual difference, and it is warm and Become a hollow dish with unique texture that reminds me.

Fabric thickness

The overseas furrow tableware was about 0.4 mm thick, and platchamp was made to be about 0.2mm thick.
It is not possible to use it in the microwave oven, but it is possible to warm it by an oven toaster, etc
In particular, because the temperature is maintained in the barbecue stove and the "direct fire" which is cooled in the camp scene again. In addition, there is the effect that the tableware is hard to fly by wind.