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I want to enjoy curry thoroughly at "home" in "camp"
A great deal set to send to such a family.

Platchamp's curry plate is given to such curry lovers who want to make up to one of the last grains delicious.
It is a plate that proposes "a little spice in daily life".

The feature is that it is a plate made of hollow, and it is easy to remove the thing that the smell is hard to stick and oil dirt is easy to remove, and it is easy to use.
In addition, by providing a slight step (rise) detail in front of the rewind, small ingredients such as rice, chopped onions, and minced meat are easy to eat with a spoon.

It is designed to support the dining table, which gives functionality with nuances even in simple.

[Contents of the set]
The Curry Plate20 x 2PS
20cm of the perfect size feeling to simply serve curry for one person.
Regardless of the genre of cooking, it is easy to use as a share plate and is a plate that plays an active part as everyday use.

Size = diameter 20cm / height 2.7cm / approx. 320g

The Curry Plate23 x 2PS
The relaxing 23cm plate is the perfect size for eating a variety of ingredients such as seasonal vegetables grilled with curry and hot tonkatsu on one plate. In addition, there is a moderate depth, so it is suitable for soup curry, pasta, salad, large plate dishes, etc.

Size = diameter 23cm / height 3.2cm / approx. 360g

Vintage Cutlery Set × 2PS
A cutlery set with spoons, forks, knives and bottle openers.
The vintage taste of the military is carefully finished by washing it like denim after making the product once.
In the camping scene festival outdoor, it is a cutlery set that is particularly active.

(Body: In the case of BLK/GRY, cutlery set = BLK /
Body: In the case of IVO, GRN, BLU, cutlery set = SLV)

Size: Knife 16.2cmx2.3cm /Fork 15.8cmx2.5cm/Spoon 16cmx3.7cm)

Weight: about 86g (set of 3)

Vintage Military Storage Box × 1Piece
The best storage box for putting dishes in camping etc.
Originally, it was used as a case to put the ammunition of the army!
It is a box with a strong presence as one of the interiors even at home.

Size = Height 15cm x Width 40cm x Length 35cm

【Points to note】
Vintage military storage box, because of the USED item, individual differences such as color and dirt condition occurs.
Please note that we cannot accept returns.


Marche bag × 1Piece
Large-capacity large marcheback, easy-to-use size feeling for shopping, outdoor camping, etc.♪
It is an item that comes in handy when there is one in the family with the child because luggage can be stored quickly when going shopping or going to the bath etc. with the family.

The color and design may differ from the product photo.

PlatchampFeatures of hollow plate]
PLATCHAMP hollow tableware is made pure made in Japan and the whole process of making, painting, and baking is made by Japanese craftsmen, and when the usual hollow tableware is finished with two coats, a special glassy glaze is finished in three coats at a high temperature, and the ground coat is carefully made one by one. In addition to one coat with "dipping (dob pickles)", the cover coat is baked twice at a high temperature for each painting process, it is a matte yet smooth baking, pottery-like pottery with individual differences, it becomes a hollow tableware with a unique texture reminiscent of warmth and nostalgia not found in other companies.

*The thickness of the fabric overseas hollow tableware is about 0.4 mm thick, PLATCHAMP made about twice as thick as "0.8mm hollow steel sheet". The because the temperature to the thickness can not be used in the microwave oven, but it can be reheated with an oven toaster, especially when the cold dishes in the camping scene are reheated with a barbecue stove or "direct fire" again. In addition, there is an effect that the tableware is hard to fly by the wind.