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An item that combines the original Tyrolean tape with the texture of 100% cotton.
The brim has a wire that allows you to change the style freely, and the strap has an antique gold color stopper.
Clef's original logo is used to prevent sweating, and the material is also excellent in functionality. Clef is a staple item that will be extremely active in the future outdoor festival scenes.


SIZE About 57.5cm-58.5cm
(Caution) Please note that even if the size is the same, the sensation you received due to the fabric material (hard, soft, thin, etc.) may differ slightly.

【Feature Description】
COOLEVER (water-absorbing quick-drying material) slip (anti-perspirant)
WIRED BRIM (wire built into the brim)
UV CUT (99% or more UV cut)

*Now, we are changing the design of the sliding part.
There is no change in the COOLEVER function.
Please note that the time of change may change depending on the color.