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The "Ribwork Cap" series that is easy to wear like a knit hat!
The back of the head is ribbed, and it fits the head automatically by expanding and contracting.

CLEF's classic product with excellent comfort!

Sweat -like fabrics that do not choose the season fit flexibly.
Vivid color casual logo embroidery accents.

Uses a soft water -absorbing and quick -drying material for the sweat -prevented band.
Both comfort and design,
It is a heavy rotation item that is definitely a heavy rotation.

The back of the head does not interfere with the headrest during the drive because it is flat without a size adjustment belt or metal fittings!
It is a recommended rib work cap for long -distance driving for camping and family trips.

Body: 100% cotton

Lining mesh: 100% polyester

SIZE about 58.5cm ~ 59.5cm 
(Note) Please note that the same size notation has a slightly different sensation due to the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【Feature Description】
COOLEVER (water -absorbing speed -drying material) Subergi (sweat stop)
With a rib type size adjustment function