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It is a nylon work cap of COOL WATERMAN specification without the chin string.
The camellia has a built-in neoplane, and it is easy to float in the water with air mesh.
A new item that can be used in a wide range that seems to be able to be used even in RUN made with breathability in consideration.
This fabric is two layers, but it is also breathable, and uses high-performance materials that are subjected to WATER & WIND PROOF, as well as antibacterial and insect repellent processing.

SIZE Approx. 56.5cm to 59.5cm
Please note that the feeling suffered by the factor of the fabric material (hard soft, thin thick, etc.) is slightly different even in the same size notation.

[Function description]
COOLER (water-absorbing quick-drying material) svelli (anti-sweat)
NEW ADJIUSTABLE SYSTEM (A function that can be resized without breaking the shape of the hat with a button and rubber on the back part of the Svelli)
UV CUT (cut uv over 99%)