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A simple adventure hat that can be used in an all-mighty product with a cotton-material, and it's a treasure that is valued as having one as a standard item.
The fabric with 100 % cotton will be changed to match the color of the tape and the color of the pattern, and the tuba can contain wires to change the style of the fabric.
The spider is a stopper, and the sweat is the same as that of the Clef's original logo, Clef's original logo, and the functionality of the casino scenes in the casual scene.

BODY: 100 %

SIZE: 57.5cm to 58.5cm
(Note) The feeling of coarse material (hard soft, thin thick, and so on) is slightly different even in the same size, so please make sure you have the same size as the fabric.

[Feature description]
COOLEVER (dry water inhalation materials), sberg (sweat with sweat)
WIRED BRIM (with a wire in the tuba)
UV CUT (at least 99 % UV cut)