RB3553 ADV. 60/40 AFTON HAT

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outdoors from the town supporting a wide range of users of the # 60/40 cross hat!

# 6040(Microsoft, New York)Cross, cotton, and Nylon 6 versus 4 percentage of grid by knitting the fabric of the thing.

Cotton and aging of nylon quick-drying combines the ideal features of it.
Size adjustment is further subject to the wind, to strong.


SIZE Approx 56. 5cm~59.5 cm
(please note)the same size notation, also in fabric materials(hard, soft,thin, thick, etc.) factors suffered by feeling slightly different please allow

[function description]
COOLEVER (water-absorbing quick-dry material)of the base(sweat stop)
WIRED BRIM (back portion of the wire internal)
UV CUT (more than 99% UV cut)
NEW ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM (base of the back part of the button and the rubber cap of the form without breaking the size adjustment can be function)

※now, the belly(sweat stop)part of the design, running and more.
COOLEVER (water-absorbing quick-drying fabric) feature remains unchanged.
Color changed by time before and after you can that point please acknowledge.