RB3575 6040 WIRED LE CAP

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The softvisor cap with the 60/40 (rockon) cross.
Simplicity, the use of panels, and the accents of the stitches, are designed for adults.
Features active scenes, such as mountaineering, running, and seabees.

And it's a nice feature for women.Because the Ajaster portion is larger than the traditional model, it is easier to get the hair of the hair that is bundled with it.

What is the 60/40 (Roquillon) cross?
This is a dough consisting of 60 % cotton and 40 % nylon, which was born in the 1960s in the U.S. ' Outdoacine.
This is an epoch-making material that combines "Cotton's flavor" + "The functionality of nylon".

COTTON 60 % NYLON 40 %

SIZE: 56.5cm to 58.5cm 
(Note) The feeling of coarse material (hard soft, thin thick, and so on) is slightly different even in the same size, so please make sure you have the same size as the fabric.

[Feature description]
COOLEVER (dry water inhalation materials), sberg (sweat with sweat)
Size Adjustment Facility