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Soft visor cap made of 60 / 40 (rookyon) cross over and removed from extra comfort and comfort.

Lightweight design that cuts the weight of the hat unit 40g!
Because it is lightweight, it is hard to wear even if it is covered in a day.

60 / 40 (royon) cross?
60% cotton / 40% nylon made in the American outdoor scene in the 1960s.
It is an epoch-making material that multiplies "cotton feeling" + "nylon functionality".

Cotton 60%

Size: 58.5 cm
Please note that the size of the same size notation is different depending on the factors of fabric material

Functional explanation
Adjust size

* I am running the design of the sweetness part.
Cooler (water absorption and dry material) function has no change.
Please note that the change time may vary depending on color.