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An adventure hat with a pattern of abstract plants that is designed in a fun color with a pop color.

The reversible design uses the high-tech material "supplex®" for the lining, making it perfect for summer festivals and camping.♪

★What is supplex®★
In recent years, functional material supplex® has been regaining attention for its ease of use and comfort.

A high-tech material that achieves the strength and durability of nylon with a cotton-like feel.
Lightweight and quick-drying, it doesn't have a crunchy texture like a rain material, but has a soft texture like cotton and is not sticky to the touch.
It is a material with the highest level of comfort among high-tech materials.

It has a very high "water-repellent" effect because it is treated with Teflon.
* Not waterproof.
In addition, it has antifouling, oil repellent, antibacterial and insect repellent effects.
It has superior breathability compared to normal rain material and can be used comfortably even during the rainy season.
It looks like a cotton material, so you can use it even when it's sunny!


SIZE About 57.5cm-58.5cm
(Caution) Please note that even if the size is the same, the sensation you received due to the fabric material (hard, soft, thin, etc.) may differ slightly.

【Feature Description】
REVERSIBLE (Reversible function)
WIRED BRIM (wire built into the brim)
UV CUT (99% or more UV cut)