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The design of fruit and leaves is a simple, happy summer design for both men and women, in a simple, happy summer design.

The "supplex," which is used on the back of the ground, is treated with teflon processing and the effects of "hydrowater-resistant" and "water-resistant" and "pluckioil".
Special preparation can also help the effect of antibacterial antibacterial and insecticide.
This model is available for a wide range of outdoors, fishes, and campuses in the summer.

★What is a supplex ® (saplex)?★
In recent years, the feature material, which has been attracting attention due to its good quality and comfort, is now attracting attention.

It is a high-tech material that enables the strength and durability of nylon in a touch like Cotton.
It's lightweight and fast, and it's not a texture like a raining material, but it's like a coton-like, soft texture, no texture, no texture.
It is a material that has the top class'comfort' even among high-tech materials.

It has a "waterwater" effect, which is very high due to the processing of teflon processing.
It is not waterproof.
In addition, it has the effect of "dirty," "pluctoboil," "antibacterial," and "worm-proof."
It is superior to ordinary lane materials, and it can be used comforts at the time of baiu's zimesame.
It looks like a cotton-material-like atmosphere, so you can use it without air even when it's clear!


SIZE: 57.5cm to 58.5cm
(Note) The feeling of coarse material (hard soft, thin thick, and so on) is slightly different even in the same size, so please make sure you have the same size as the fabric.

[Feature description]
REVERSIBLE (Rebursible Function)
WIRED BRIM (with a wire in the tuba)
UV CUT (at least 99 % UV cut)