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【 Clef 】 REV. COCO HAT

With aloha taste such as palm trees, surfboards and tropical cocktails
A reversible hat in a calm two-tone color!

In addition to the UV cut that is happy for the outdoors,High-tech material "supplex® (Suplex)" is adopted for the lining!

★What is supplex ®?★
In recent years, the functional material supplex has attracted attention again for its ease of use and comfort ®.

High-tech material that realizes the strength and durability of nylon with a cotton-like feel.
It is lightweight and quick-drying, and it is not a rough fabric feeling like a rain material, but it has a soft texture like cotton and does not stick to the touch.
It is a material that has the top class "comfort" among high-tech materials.

Because Teflon processing is applied, it has a very high "water repellent" effect.
* Not waterproof.
In addition, there is also an antifouling, oil repellent, antibacterial, and insect repellent effect.
It has better breathability than normal rain material and can be used comfortably even during the rainy season.
Because the appearance is also an atmosphere like cotton material, you can use it without hesitation even in fine weather!

【 Function description 】
UV CUT: Cut more than 99% UV rays

REPAINT : Reversible specification
WIRED BRIM : Built-in wire in the camellia
Supplex®: Water repellent on plain fabric on the back

【 SIZE 】
Free: Approx. 57.5cm to 58.5cm
(Please note)Please understand beforehand that the feeling suffered by the factor of the fabric material (hard soft, thin thick, etc.) is slightly different even in the same size notation.

【 Materials 】