RB3629 Brownie Boa Cap

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[CLEF] Brownie Boa Cap

A pilot cap that is perfect for winter camping outdoors appears for the first time!
For a calm knit fabric that is perfect for fall and winter
Use plenty of fluffy and soft fake fur.
One point is the metal icon of "C" on the front Clef.
An adult bore cap that gently wraps your head.

A small face effect by giving the hat with a volume!

【 Feature Description 】
Coolever:Water -absorbing speed -drying material (sweat stop)

Free: Approximately 57.5cm ~ 59.5cm
(please note)Please note that the feeling of the same size notation is slightly different due to the factors of the fabric material (hard, soft, thin thick, etc.).

【 material 】
Body: 5% wool / acrylic 66% / polyester 29%
Bore parts: 100% polyester
Belt parts: 100% cotton